Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sooooo...the Donnie Story - Tia

Honestly, in my humble opinion, this story is not nearly as exciting as the first one. But Donnie ain't gonna change. So none of this should surprise you. There's something comforting about knowing that someone is going to show their true side no matter what.

As you know, I won tickets to see the New Kids when they were here in Atlanta. I posted something on my social networking page about it and one of my friends who went on tour with them last time hit me up. She said that she could hook me up with a Meet and Greet pass if I could get there by 5. Well, OF COURSE I can get there by five. Donnie Wahlberg is my future baby daddy.

I arrived at the required time and after a bit of a hassle was able to get my pass. Because obtaining the pass was such a problem, I literally had to run across a courtyard to make it in to the meet and greet. I was the last person in a line of typical squealing females. I was not pressed. I've been here before.

After waiting several minutes, it was finally my turn. You could tell that the boys were sooooo over the swooning females. But I mean, what did they expect...? Most of us had pillow cases with their faces on them so that we could "sleep" with them every night. So me being the person that I am, I tried to remain calm in the face of my childhood crushes. (Side note: they were standing in the same order that they stood in at the last meet and greet. I'm wondering if that's intentional. Like do some people not get along?) Anyway, because Donnie was in the middle, I once again didn't get a chance to say anything to Joey or Jon. seriously, that Donnie Wahlberg is my damn weakness. If it weren't for the Lord's grace and big security guards, he and I would be having a...ummm...situation. So I get to Donnie and he grabs my hand and pulls me in for a hug. (He smelled nice.) While I am composed, I'm also a bit frozen. It's Donnie effin' Wahlberg. (I didn't make that name up by the way. Someone else did.) I hear the photographer beckon for me to turn around, so I dutifully oblige. As I mentioned, the guys seemed a bit over it. I think by the time they got to me they were just trying to get through it all and make it to the show.

As we stand smiling for the picture, I hear Donnie mumbling something. It takes a minute for me to realize that's his giving himself a pep talk. It went something like this, "Let's just get through this. Almost done." And I swear I heard a "whoosah" or a "namaste" thrown in. I was cracking up to myself. All I could think was, "This is the hardest part of your night. All you have to do is deal with a few screaming females and you're done. What are you complaining about?"

After the "snap" I turned to him and said, "This is what we're doing now? Just trying to get through? Really?? This is what we're doing??" Mind you, during this whole exchange he has someone how gotten a hold of my hand (Hand to GOD I don't remember him grabbing me) and has not let go. I don't know if my words knocked him out of his "phoning it in" or if he was just taken aback because some stranger had the nerve to bow up on him, but his demeanor quickly changed and the Donnie Wahlberg that we all know and love came storming in.

After the most UNSUBTLE once over (aside: I was wearing Boston green and my "good good" jeans...I'm not stupid) Donnie looks me in the eye and says, "Naw....I mean...we can do....whatever..." Honestly, I think he meant it. I gave him my headturner, soul burner smile and turned to walk away. I politely pull my hand away and as I turned I'm almost positive I saw him looking at my booty (which looked good in my jeans...I can't lie.)

Donnie Wahlberg ain't gonna change. From what I understand he's been like this since forever. He's going to be the guy who will take it if you're giving. He's going to look at your booty and he will always be THAT GUY.

I honestly think it's God who keeps me from being in the same place as Donnie for more than a few minutes. Because Donnie has more than shown that if I TRULY pitched it at him, he would swing away at it. Some people just don't change.

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