Monday, June 29, 2009

King of Pop - Tia

I, like most people, have been feeling some kind of way about Michael Jackson's passing. This morning I played Man in the Mirror on repeat for about 3 hours. Apologies to my neighbors..

It's no secret that the man touched SOOOO many people. And frankly, it's a shame that it took his death for people to realize that he was so much more than tabloid fodder.

Not surprisingly, there are tribute songs popping up all over the place. I heard one the other day from Diddy that supposedly came out the day after Mike died. (I'm not going to comment on that. Y'all know how I feel about Sean Combs. *coughminionofSatancough*) This take on The Way You Make Me Feel by one of my FAVORITE artists, David Ryan Harris, almost made me start crying again.

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