Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toya's Random Ramblings

1. Note to Tia on Facebook: "Yeah, remember that thing we started about 5 years ago? We may want to get on that."

We know we're trifling. I think this is the "Piss or Get Off the Pot" year for BGLU. We either reinvent it or shut it down. I say we reinvent it. I love to write and so does Tia. The last thing I want to do is get to heaven and God is like "Seriously, what happened?" I've been thinking a lot about that lately ever since I read this scripture:

"For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers and underwent decay;" Acts 13:36

This has been my prayer lately since I still don't have all of the specifics of what I am supposed to be doing. I simply want to do what I was put here to do. I think that's simple enough.

2. I love my new job and I love that they play lite rock and 80's music all day long here. You wanna talk about a Professional Fail? Second day of work Rock Me Amadeus came on and I swear I did The Whop for about 3 minutes straight only to turn around and see a camera there. They asked about my qualifications for this job. I never did mention sanity, so there.

3. I am again crushless. He's a really great guy just not my really great guy. I'm ok with that.

4. Speaking of love and such, I have been a sucky friend to my single friends because I felt the need to bring bad tidings of great sorrow last week after hearing about 4 failed marriages in two weeks. This almost put me back to square one of "Screw it, I'll be Oprah, get some cats and take up horseback riding." During a good heart to heart talk with a married couple of whom I am friends with, I was enlightened of a few things:

  1. No marriage falls apart over night.

  2. Yes marriage is work but it should be like a job that you love. Ever have a job that is truly a job but you love it so much it doesn't seem like work? That's what marriage should be like.

  3. Communication is key. Don't assume anything.

  4. The best marriages are built on good friendships. At the end of the day you need to genuinely like the other person. Love is not ALL you need. Love is a choice, yes but you need to like them and a lot of people are married to people that they don't even like! Shoot, God doesn't even require that we LIKE everyone.
  5. Guard your ears: talk of failure in marriage whether you are single or married is not only discouraging but dangerous.

Now #5 was a hurt piece because I realized I had become the kind of person that one needs to guard their ears from. I was all sending emails spitting pure venom on why marriage is not worth all of the drama. I became that chick. So I had to apologize to Tia cause after a while she refused to even read stuff. I don't blame her! I'm back on the wagon. Everyone has their own life to live.

5. I can't breathe when Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" comes on. No, I'm serious. I stop breathing. He's coming in July and less I resort to selling my body to the night for some tickets, I need to get my Financial Peace on and start saving money now because I am not missing this for the world.

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