Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards...until I get bored - Tia

So as evidenced by my serious lack of posts I have had no motivation and serious writer's block.

But I'm watching the MTV awards and I feel like I might have some witty comments or something. So I'll type until the show gets boring or until I pass out from extreme fatigue. I can't hang like I used to....that's all I'm going to say.

- I LOVE Adam Samberg. He is ridiculous without really trying. And the fact that he was just nekkid on top of JT is HAHAFREAKINLARIOUS.

- Megan Fox officially gets a thumbs down from me. If you're too cool to laugh at yourself, don't come to an MTV sponsored event. You know folks got jokes. P.S. Marilyn Monroe is dead.

- Dear Robert Pattinson,
I know I'm almost old enough to be your mom, but MAN YOU FINE!!! And I love how awkward you still are even though you're one of the biggest stars in the world. Anyway, holla at me.

- Eminem - This song is weak. I don't care that you moved 600,000 units this week. Your 1st track is not the business.

- Okay, the Break a Bottle song was not that bad though. But I felt like I was missing a lot of it because of the edits. If MTV were smart (which we know they're not because THEY don't even realize that the M no longer stands for music) anyway, if they were smart they would offer a pay version of their channel. They could play the awards shows without having some poor guy sweating with his finger on the mute button every time someone like Em performs. But then again, I don't know what they would play when it wasn't award season.

- So MTV has a show called 16 and pregnant. I'm wondering if it's going to have the desired effect. MTV has a bad habit of editing stuff with slick music and making EVERYTHING look like fun.

- Cool guys don't look at explosions - RAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

- Vanessa Hudgens looks mad uncomfortable.

- Was there ANY doubt that Robert Pattinson would win for Breakthrough Male Performance? I mean, really. He's cute and awkward and seems to genuinely not care about being famous, thus making him more desirable.

- I do not understand the world's fascination with Paris Hilton.

- Capital One has an MTV card. Yeah, it looks all shiny and fun. And then they'll send you a letter telling you that even though you've only paid your bill late ONCE (several years ago) in the entire SEVEN years you've had the card, they're raising your interest rate to 26%. They can suck it.

- Sasha Baron Cohen is going to "accidentally" get killed tomorrow. Em looks PISSED!!!!

- I saw about 15 minutes of that Borat film and wanted to run that guy over with a car. CLEARLY, he's trying to be an even bigger d-bag with this new film. There are very few people that I've never met and truly can't stand. Soldier (I REFUSE to spell it like he does) Boy and Sasha Cohen double dutch between the number one and number 2 spot on my list.

- Random Commercial Break Aside - Drake (aka Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi) fancies himself a rapper. I've been hanging out a lot with this new dude and we've been to a couple of clubs around Atlanta. And because I've been out, I can not get away from that new Drake joint "Best I Ever Had." It's pretty catchy and they play it EVERYWHERE. I will say that I was slightly appalled when I heard the unedited club version. I just didn't expect little Jimmy to be so nasty. But I find myself singing it all the time. The hoodrat in me kind of likes it.

- I didn't realize that you could say d*ck on free cable.

- Did Ryan Reynolds just call Sandra Bullock a man? I'm so confuzzled.

- I like Kristen Stewart. A LOT!!!! And I have a WHOLE lot of respect for her. Because had that been me, I would have been IN HIS MOUTH before we even got all the way on stage.

- It's the ChroniWHATcles of Narnia. Andy Samberg is too clever for his own good. And Forest Whitaker is REALLY singing D*ck In A Box. Seriously, what is really going on?

- Hayden Panettiere cursing...I don't buy it. You need more people.

- Dear Little Wayne,
You are overrated and over hyped.

- Say what you want about Miley (IT'S MILEY!!!!) I love that song "The Climb" and I don't understand people who don't like it.

- RAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the Andy Samberg New Moon sneak peek.

- I seriously don't see what all of the fuss is about Taylor Lautner.

- ....Just saw the New Moon trailer. I think I get it now. He's a fetus. But he's not a bad looking fetus.

- Did they seriously just call Zac Efron a superstar and introduce him BEFORE Kiefer Rufus Sutherland? See that's what's wrong with the children, they have no respect for their elders.

- And can someone PLEASE get Zac some more controlling hair spray?

- Okay the Ben Stiller tribute started out funny....then it went a little too long....but Kiefer crying is still pretty cute.

- The Twilight sweep is getting kind of old.

- I totally love that Kristen dropped her award.

- Ummm...hell yes for the Kings of Leon. I'm so glad to see them finally getting some recognition over here. They're huge in the UK. We're sooo behind here sometimes.

- I know there's only like 15 minutes left in the show but I'm so bored.

I think I'm giving up on the rest of the show. You know Twilight will win for whatever the last award is, Best Movie or whatever. I don't think they've lost in any category they've been in. I'm going to bed.


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