Thursday, April 30, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me-Toya
I think it's hilarious that Rockwell also had a song called "Peeping Tom" off of  The Last Dragon soundtrack.

I am so not being productive today. Perhaps I am just uninspired. So I will blog.

I have a slight crush on a guy. Very slight. The thing about having a crush in this day and age is that if you are interested in someone, you can look him up various ways.  I've been on his Facebook (we're friends), Myspace, and Twitter (stalk much?). Funny thing is if this guy tried to talk to me at the mall I would be like, "Umm...probably not. Sweet though." Physically not my type at all but he's soooo cool and we have similar passions. To top it off, he's shy. I love shyness. Chances are he has no clue (I've only told 4 of my girls and he doesn't know any of them) and I'd like to keep it that way.  For now it's just cute. I'm the kind of person where if I like you I am pretty much going to take it to the grave. There have only been about 2 times where I have let on and that was because I was told to.  I was told that guys need to know that they remotely have a chance.  Now I don't care. You wanna know then you best to ask somebody cause I'm a vault now. 

I haven't remotely liked someone in months, maybe even years. No, months. It just feels like years. I needed a break! If you have been reading this blog long enough you may wholeheartedly agree. I can definitely tell I have grown a bit because of who it is and why it is. He's younger than me but he's not at all a Tag or any version of them. Speaking of Tags, I met Tag 4.0 a few months back who was trying to holler and I was like NO THANK YOU AND PLEASE TAKE MY NAME OFF OF YOUR MAILING LIST!!!!!! Now it's just ridiculous.

So we'll see. I prayed about it. He knows I'm alive and thinks I'm cool. I mean, it's Spring. Anything can happen.

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