Monday, April 13, 2009

LaToya Goes to Jail- Part 7
"Who even knows I'm here?" I said out loud. The guy behind the window shrugged and said,"Well you probably didn't have to make bail but I guess you don't have to worry about it now." Embarrassed to see who could be there to bail me out, I got up and followed the security guard to yet another hidden room. As I waited for him to unlock the steel door, he thanked me for my patience and "for not cussing him out". "I'm the one in jail." I told him."Why would I be mad at you?" "You'd be surprised" he said opening the door. As I walked into another room to sign yet another set of forms, there was my best friend Tia on the other side of the glass. We exchanged some pitiful, pouty, waves to one another as I mouthed "thank you" before I signed the forms. Funny (now anyway) it reminded me of that scene in House Party where Kid goes to jail and Tisha Campbell's character Sidney bails him out (I know Tia is not going to like that one bit). I say that because in the movie Sidney is the only friend with any money. I love my friends but chances are had Tia not been in town for the Adele concert that night, I would have had to arrange my own benefit concert from jail.

I went back to the women's side of the holding cell area and waited...and waited...and waited some more. I really thought that getting bailed out would have me out in no time but I was dead wrong. I heard the women around me say to one another "How did she make bail?", "I've been here longer than her. What she'd do anyway?", "Yeah. What DID she do?" "Ask her!", "I aint askin' her nothin'!" Great, I thought. Tia bailing me out is going to get me beat up in jail. That's exactly what I needed to happen today. I sat there and continued to ignore them and looked straight ahead...and waited some more.

"Honey can I just ask what you are in here for if you don't mind?" the woman next to me kindly asked. "Traffic violation. License got suspended." I tried to answer back with a smile. I wasn't sure what she was in there for or if she was trying to patronize me. It then entered my mind that maybe I should make my violation sound worse than it really was because I really didn't want to talk to anyone at this point nor did I want to get picked on or interrogated. Like maybe I should tell people that my traffic violation was getting out of my car at a stop light in East Nashville and punching the person in front of me for not going at the green arrow light. "Me too" she said. I lightened up upon hearing that we had that in common. "My dad is not going to be happy with this." she said. "I know mine isn't" I responded, wondering if I should tell him in the first place. I then remembered that my mom was probably at Linda's either badgering Brandi and making her feel entirely uncomfortable and nervous or she had just figured it out already. Maybe Tia called my mom and told her she was bailing me out. I had no idea what was going on on the outside.

After what seemed like 2 more hours but was only about another 40 minutes, the security guard came and called my name along with three other people so we could finally be released. As we filed out of there one of the inmates took it upon himself to leave us some parting words of encouragement. "Alright, yall take it easy out there. STAY FREE!"  

I took a deep breath and searched my belongings that they returned to me to make sure everything was there and signed myself out. I went outside (oh how great it was to see the outside) and hugged Tia as she rapidly explained to me how she found out exactly what was going on. She then told me that we needed to go directly across the street to see Mike the bondsmen. Mike the bondsmen had me sign something that promised that I wouldn't skip town and not make my court date. I made a mental note to put the reminder on my refrigerator first thing upon entering the house. 

Tia drove me to S.I.R. to meet Linda and my mom because as I forgot to mention in this story, we were having rehearsal for my show What's the 411 Live benefiting Magdalene House which was the following day. I didn't even want to talk about it when I saw my mom. I just wanted to go inside and act like nothing happened. The more I thought about the day, the madder I got probably because I was around someone that knew me so there was no need to front. We walked into rehearsal and the only one that knew that anything had happened was Brandi's husband Jon who is also my music director. "You need a hug don't ya?" he said. He gave me a big hug and then I just spilled to everyone what happened to me. I knew the only way I was going to feel better was to tell everyone that yes, I, LaToya, went to jail.

This concludes LaToya Goes to Jail. Thanks for reading. Stay free.

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