Monday, March 30, 2009

My Article in Her Nashville Magazine- Toya

Well, it's here.  It's on the website and hits newsstands tomorrow.  My stomach is IN KNOTS! KNOTS I tell you.  I can't believe how nervous I am about this.  I don't even understand why really. Maybe because it's out there in the world now with my picture on it. Still not sure how I feel about my right eye in the one I am smiling in.

As much as I swore I wasn't telling anyone about it, I did give a heads up to some of my friends who have daughters. In the article I mention that I decided to wait to have sex until marriage when I was 13.  Some of them have daughters close to that age so if they saw fit, they can share it with them.  In no way at all am I saying "Oooh look at me. I'm special."  Not at all.  Just trying to help if and when I can. 

Yeah. I'm freaked out. I mean, it's not Vogue or anything, but I'm freaked out.

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