Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MY American Idol Boyfriend - Tia

So I know it's been a minute since I've posted anything. I have been busy with work as usual. And I'm moving AGAIN. My neighborhood SWIFTLY went downhill. So I've been packing my stuff for about the last month or so and preparing to move. And I've managed to get sick 2 weeks before I go on vacation. Awesome...Anyway...

I have, however, made time to watch snippets of Idol. I stopped watching when they let my baby Matt go, so I didn't even know they'd brought him back until about a day before the 1st 13 performed. But thank the Lord they brought him back. He has been my favorite since DAY ONE. I mean, like the MINUTE I saw him I went to Myspace to add him as a friend.

I am a sucker for a white boy singing what I like. JT can go on somewhere. He's cute enough but whatever. But Matt Giraud and those of his ilk can holla/sing/shout at me anyday. Yes, child.

Oh and is his momma black...blackish, mixed, some sort of colored...? For real, she looks like a cousin of mine.

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