Monday, March 9, 2009

Lessons In Love- Toya

This blog really isn't about love. At least I don't think it is.  I just named it that because that is the song that is playing in the background where I am typing this.  This will actually be another list because I can't come up with a real blog right now and I don't want to leave BGLU hangin...

1. Went to the AAC Championship this weekend to do makeup for Damien Horne and his background singers for their half-time performance. I flew in on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon. It was a blast. Check out Damien's song for the AAC "She Can Play" at I did the makeup for the video too.  

2. On the flight back, I had to help a hysterical but sweet older lady in a wheelchair with a prosthetic leg.  Security had taken her Lubriderm and her leg was burning and itching in the prosthetic. As she cried in pain and I tried to calm her down while screaming for ice, she took her prosthetic off. Now look, I am squeamish for REAL.  I had to shut all the way down.  It was Jesus that kept me from also needing a wheelchair.  They sat the both of us in first class and I rubbed her back most of the ride home with her amputated leg just sitting there on a bag of ice. A-MAZING.  Such a sweet woman.  Because she missed her flight and her ride home, a lady behind us handed her a grip of bills, looked at me and said, "God brings us all together for a reason."  I would like to know the reason for sure because that was the most random thing to date. 

3. A guy asked me for my number very nicely at the mall on Saturday and I wanted to vanish.  I don't know what happened, I just froze up and told him no.  There was nothing wrong with him really. I just couldn't bring myself to say yes.  I can't take another random person in my life.  

I have always been like this as I remember (it's been that long mind you). Anyone I have ever dated I knew for a long time before we went out.  My friends are convinced that I am scared of dating and they are right. Now I have a few great guy friends that if they asked me I would say yes but I would need my friends to keep me in check from running away and trying to make this guy hate me. What is that????? Maybe I should just resolve to stay single.  Honestly, the thought doesn't scare me one bit. You can stop laughing now.

4.  Orange is my favorite color. Don't know why I just decided to say that.

5.  I was listening to Anberlin's first record today and Ready Fuels is STILL and forever will be the jam. Period. Yall need to recognize Stephen Christian as the one of the best front men ever. I remember asking him how he learned to sing because he is actually a rock singer that can really sing and he said it was hereditary.  In disbelief I said, "I oughta punch you in your face, Stephen. Are you serious?" Ridiculous, and even more so live.

6. If they open up one more cupcake place here I am investing in moo moos for the summer. 

7. Sunday Best has started on BET and they didn't show my mom or the first place online winner. Oh well. I am glad my mom had the experience though. She is in the studio working on her album now. My  That sounds so crazy!

8.  Plato's Closet is giving 40% off one item when you sell clothes there in the month of March.  I just moved and have some purging to do so I will be up in there with the quickness. Got the cutest H&M dress there that I wore for my shoot for my magazine article.  Didn't matter because they just took a head shot.  I will post the link here.

9.  Someone sent me a link to Jamie Foxx's new video for "Blame Me" which I was so disappointed to find out was Jamie Foxx. SO disappointed.  Yeah, Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Howard (seriously, Opie) are in the video but who cares? Moses and Martin Luther King Jr. could be in it. The song is still garbage.

10. What is NOT garbage is Musiq Soulchild's new single "So Beautiful" which reminds me of earlier Musiq cuts.  Here's the video. Enjoy.

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