Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Going On- Toya

I haven't a clue. NOT ONE CLUE.

Usually if it's been quiet on the BGLU front that means that there is a lot going on and we are going through a lot. Well this is definitely the case. The crazy thing is that I think I can speak for both Tia and me when I say that we don't know what a lot really is.  Instead of trying to come up with a clever blog with a life lesson, I will just spill it...

  1. I am moving in with 2 women the end of this week because I still don't have a job but how about I don't know if I am really going to have an official "job"? What I do know is that I have official BILLS.  I am not worried just... I don't know what I am.
  2. Something is not clicking on the career front and I can't put my finger on it. I just can't seem to figure out what MY hold up is.  Something's not right.
  3. I got asked by a local magazine to write an article about being single, 34 and a virgin. At first I said absolutely not.  The next day I changed me mind and wrote an article about why I didn't want to talk about it in the first place. It comes out in April.  My photo shoot is next week.
  4. Speaking of photo shoot, I think I have gained about ten pounds since I was laid off and I want to wear nothing but dresses because my jeans don't fit.  God is really starting to deal with me about my body issues. It was revealed to me today that God does not like it one bit when we speak negatively about ourselves and our bodies.  Since it bothers Him, it is starting to bother me.
  5. I have heard more about marriage this year at a time when I could really care less.  THAT is a mystery...and it's a little frightening because you know what they say. I can't even talk about it.
  6. I really wish Tia would move here when her lease is up. There I said it.
  7. Back to #1. Moving in with people is going to be good for me because I feel like I have been avoiding people. I went from being incredibly lonely to being incredibly private and skipping out on people to be alone.  34 is WEIRD.
  8. I tried Miss Jessies Curly Pudding.  Dried my hair right out. Any suggestions for the naturally curly/kinky hair?
  9. I have been listening to old mixtapes. Not mix CD's but tapes.  Good times.
  10. 2009 gets the side eye.  Truly.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let the Church Say Amen...-Toya

I am old fashioned. I admit that.  I realize that everyone may not be down with what Steve Harvey is saying but my daddy told me this advice a long time ago and I have been pretty much unscathed.  Bottom line, you can't make a man do anything. Know your standards and hold onto them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grammy Live Blog. It's Late but It's Here-Toya
I didn't exactly hate the Grammys this year but remember I'm an opinionated music snob so of course I have my gripes. This is what I observed play by play during the Grammys this year.

1.     I LOVE the new U2 song and dangitt if Bono and the boys  don’t stay fly!

2.     Go Whitney! And by go I mean, PLEASE leave the stage and go Whitney!  She is so extra.

3.     Clive Davis is a thousand  and ninety two years old

4.     I love that Jennifer Hudson won but MAN I would’ve loved for Raaphael Saadiq to have won

5.     I love you with my whole heart Dwayne Johnson but uh uh.  The Rock is cookin’ up bad jokes.

6.     Is Justin Timberlake hosting in a bullet proof suit? What is that material? If he is, these jokes are so bad that may just be a good idea. Who wrote this?

7.     I am INFURIATED!!!! Why is Boyz II Men singing back up for Justin Timberlake. Why are 3 of the best R&B singers singing behind JT?  Why is AL GREEN singing with JT and why is JT singing most of his song? I have never been so angry so early at an award show.

8.     Yes to them doing my favorite Coldplay songs off of Viva and double yes for Jay-Z’s cameo. I WANT TO BE THE GUY ON THE TYMPANNY!

9.     A big “OKAY!??!” goes to Carrie Underwood’s female guitarist. She’s bada**!

10. NO MORE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE NO! If I see him one more time I am running over my Nsync CD’s with my car

11. Now let me get THIS straight: I Kissed A Girl is this year’s Grammy Fan song? I hate the music industry.

12. KID ROCK? They are PISSING ME OFF ON PURPOSE NOW. Oh and he’s “Rock N Roll Jesus”? So if we crucify him will he rise again in 3 days? If the answer is yes then never mind.

13. Say what you want about Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus but Taylor can write her behind off and they both have all of their clothes on.

14. John Mayer and LL in the same shot???? THAT is my favorite performance pairing of the night.

15. So since Alicia Keyes and John Mayer did not win for best Pop Collaboration for “Lesson Learned” can they give it best Gospel song because that song ministers? I’m just saying.

16. “Do you mind if I take this Stevie?” says Joe Jonas. I MIND, CHILD!!!! I MIND!!!!!!!! Justin sings all over an Al Green song and Stevie is singing a Jonas brothers song? Jesus ride in on a white horse and crack the sky, please.

17. TRAVIS!!!!! TRAVIS!!!!!!! I love you Travis Barker!!! I’ve never liked Blink 182 but if Travis is happy about the reunion, I’m happy.

18. I need some answers about this Chris Brown arrest situation post haste.

19. Katy Perry has NO rhythm.

20. Estelle and Kanye West performing in the middle of the audience: First of all, I love me some Estelle and I don’t understand why they made her perform in the middle of the audience?  Secondly, I know we are in a recession but why must they double up on performers and presenters? They both look out of breath having to present after just performing. And will someone PLEASE minister unto me as to what is going on with Kanye’s hair????

21. YEAH ADELE WON!!!!!!! I now feel better about this entire show.

22.  Loving this Swagger Like Us performance but why does MIA look like a pregnant Minnie Mouse? Anyone? “No one on the corner can waddle like us, waddle like us, waddle waddle like us”. I think it’s hilarious how Jay-Z is the only one up there who can pull off a tuxedo. Maybe because at forty he’s the only grown man up there. And can someone please explain Lil Wayne’s relevance to me…again?

23. Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney, two of my all time crushes are performing together with Dave on drums again no less??? I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I thank you Jesus. However, I can’t be that good. We got Justin Timberlake and Lil’ Wayne twice tonight.

24. WORK Neil Diamond! “Touching me, touching you” Everybody now…

25.  I wonder what happens when Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake walk past each other. I’ve never seen them in a picture together. Hmm... And I am sure the room would implode if Daryl Hall showed up.

26. Radiohead’s performance was my favorite, hands down game over. Thank you Thom Yorke for bringin’ creativity back to the Grammys. I mean, it was no Cup of Life but it was a breath of fresh air.

27.  This Four Tops tribute is killing me softly and not in a good way.  I LOVE me some Ne-Yo but Anthony Hamilton or Raaphael Saadiq should’ve replaced Jamie Foxx.  WAIT Boyz II Men couldn’t get in on this? They get no love. Speaking of Ne-Yo, I’m so glad that he won 2 Grammys for Miss Independent. I’ve been meaning to send him flowers for this song but I guess those will do.

28.  So Allison Krauss and Robert Plant’s project won Album of the Year and I am not mad. Hey I love that record especially Please Read the Letter. I understand that it’s no Lollipop. Thank God.

29. Is Stevie’s repeat performance their way of apologizing to him for The Jonas Brothers performance?

30. And now I know why we saw Justin Timberlake 12 times tonight. OMG, Chris Brown. OMG!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

It’s not often that you see a star on the rise. Sometimes you get lucky and you score $5 tickets to Riverstages where some guy named John Mayer performs at 2 pm on a Thursday for about 100 people. Or a friend drags you to the pre-preshow, in a venue parking lot no less, of a guy named Marc Broussard. But most of the time, the artists that you see are being shoved down your throat by a killer promotions team on super overdrive. (Think Katy Perry. We get it. You kissed a girl. You liked it. Now will you PLEASE stop talking about it?) You don’t know where they came from. You just know that they’re here.

But sometimes things align as they should and you have an “I remember when” moment with an artist. As in, “I remember when I saw John Mayer at Riverstages in Nashville before he was JOHN MAYER.” Last weekend I (Tia) had what was sure to be an “I remember when moment” when I saw Angel Taylor at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta.

With the radio waves inundating us with songs about temporarily lesbians, divas, and womanizing, Angel Taylor is the breath of innocence that a lot of us need. A down to earth Cali girl, Angel sings songs with no pretense. There’s a realness about her and the songs that she sings that hasn’t been spoiled by the cynicisms of life. Every song is a mini-biography, a glimpse into the life of a normal girl who’s had normal love, normal heartaches, and normal healing. And while you may think that all of this normalcy would be boring, it is instead the opposite. It is, in fact, endearing. You want to root for her as she tells the story of being courageous enough to talk to the “beautiful boy.” And you ache a little when he doesn't even acknowledge her. You cheer for her when, years later, he asks for her number. And you’re happy that she’s found her “Mr. Perfect.”

Her authenticity comes across in word and song. The stories that she tells before the songs are almost as good as the songs themselves. Angel has managed to do what a lot of people can’t: she draws you in before AND during the song. You almost forget that she’s performing. It’s as if your best friend wrote the soundtrack to your life. But instead of the awkwardness that sometimes comes with self-revelation there’s a camaraderie that develops because, hey, you’ve been there too.

Angel is currently on tour with Brett Dennen. Her EP is available through iTunes. And the full cd is set to release April 7. She is without question worth the price of admission. And she will definitely have you saying, “I remember when I saw Angel Taylor before she was ANGEL TAYLOR.”

And Angel, if you’re reading, my Josh’s name was Caleb.

Monday, February 2, 2009

THIS is Air.-Toya

Usually when I get crazy about an artist or an album I am REALLY crazy about it so it is safe to say that I am all about The Foreign Exchange's latest album Leave It All Behind. The music on this CD is so lush and gorgeous.  Like air, it's perfect on any occasion: a rainy day, a sunny day, the beach, the bathtub... it's just perfect. Phonte (of Lil' Brother) and Nicolay along with guest vocals by Darien Brockington and Yahzarah did their thing on this one.  Check it out on Myspace at