Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Dreaming - TiaNever in my life has the Dr. King holiday meant so much to me. Today we honor a man who gave his life to ensure that justice, freedom and equality were extended to every man regardless of race. And tomorrow we will see the first president of color take office. That is simply amazing.

I'm in no way so enraptured by the entrance of Mr. Obama that I don't notice that there is still injustice in this world. While people of color have made tremendous strides in all walks of life, there is still much to overcome. There are still sisters and brothers who don't realize that an education will ALWAYS get you further than shaking ass and slanging dope. There are children of all races and colors who don't know what or if they're going to eat tonight. And even as Mr. Obama takes office tomorrow there will still be families who will not have a home of their own to lay their heads.

I know in my heart that Dr. King would be so proud to see how far this nation has come. But I also believe that he would not stop at where we are. Dr. King stood for freedom and justice as well as economic equality for ALL people. We have to continue to live his dream. We must fight for the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised. While we have come so far we still have so far to go. So I'm encouraging you to take stock of your life today. Take a moment to thank God for how far this nation has come. And pray that we will continue to make great leaps forward. One person can make a difference. So my prayer is that you and I will personally take responsibility for changing whatever little corner of earth that we reside on. Like the King Dream Chorus sang, "Don't play on the holiday. Work to find a better way."

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