Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I mean, I don't know if I can take that much tomfoolery OVERSEAS.  I...I just can't. The women clamoring and sneaking around trying to get at them, Donnie, women dressed way too young for their age, Donnie, drunk girls singing Hanging Tough out of the blue for absolutely no reason at all, Donnie...

Call it wrong. Call it judgmental. Call it what you want (I couldn't resist) but I just see Donnie being REAL extra on this cruise.  Don't get me wrong. We love them and their music but my God. To those that went to the reunion tour, can you imagine all of those women that you cannot believe you saw doing whatever they were doing while wearing whatever they were wearing on one boat?  In case you were wondering,  Tia and I will NOT be boarding The SS Hot Mess in May. And while we are having fun, if you could select a name for the ship, what would it be? We have come up with The SS Future Child Support Payments,The SS Syphilis (I know, I know. The Lord is dealing with me about that one) We would love to get your thoughts though.

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