Friday, January 9, 2009

How does that work? - Tia

So I have massive writer's block. As evidenced by the lack of posts from me for the last few...months. But I have an idea for a book. How does that even work? Shouldn't the juices be flowing on all fronts if they're flowing at all? Anyway...

I was talking to one of my friends about the life of a single, Christian, NORMAL chick in today's society and how our lives are effected (affected? If I'm going to write a book I'm going to HAVE to figure out which one of those goes where) by what's around us, from music and fashion to guys (both Christian and non-Christian.) and family. We talked at length about how things can become weird in relationships, especially for those of us with limited experience. We discussed the continuing onslaught of images that are trying to force us to get on the pole. In the end my friend said, "I just don't get it (life) sometimes." I told her neither did I. But I sure wish someone would let me know what's up. Not so much the answer to life, the universe and everything. I already know the answer to that. It's 42. (Google it. And once you do, the answer to your question is Yes. Yes, I am that big of a nerd.) But it would be nice to have some sort of insight that would let me know that a.) I'm not crazy for wanting the things I want and doing the things I do and b.) there are other people out there who not only want and do the same things as me, but may also benefit from knowing that they're not alone in their thinking.

I'm just a chick from the suburbs. I've had some tough times but for the most part I have been blessed by and spared from so many things. While I may not know what's it's like to live a life that was riddled with soul defining decisions on a regular basis, I'm also not the sheltered girl who's never had any hard times. I try like hell to not come off as self righteous and for some reason I hope that people respect that. Life helps define who you are and I'm hoping that the life I've had has not only shaped me into someone "good" but could maybe also help another girl along on her journey.

I guess what I'm saying is this, when Toya and I started this blog it was with the express intent of finding other BGLUs with "weirdness" like ours. Over the years it's grown into something more than I ever imagined. It's our diary. It's our outlet. We bring it all to you in the most raw form possible. And based on the letters that we've gotten along the way, a lot of you have come to see something of yourselves in us. That, in and of itself, simply amazes me.

And because we've managed to reach out to so many of you, the part of me that longs for something greater than myself wants to see what else I can do. Something in me thinks, "Maybe this random girl has something bigger to say." So I'm doodling, sketching, hunting, reading, praying, seeking, looking and listening for ideas that I hope will shape the book. And who knows, it may never come to fruition (Brian has been working on his novel FOREVER...A Family Guy reference for those who don't know) or it may become some runaway best seller (Who knew He's Just Not That Into You would be that big of a success?) But wouldn't it be awesome if the random ramblings of a suburban chick could come together and make an impact? What's wrong with wanting to change the world one written page at a time?

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