Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The End of  THIS Road for My Mom and BET's Sunday's Best Competition-Toya

Last night I watched this season's premiere of American Idol with a BRAND new respect, I have to tell you. After this past weekend in Atlanta for the Sunday's Best auditions, I have so much compassion for what the contestants go through and it's a lot. With numerous auditions that take place even before they get to see the actual judges and all of the hurry up and waiting, it's a lot more than what they show you on television.

We arrived at 11 am but my mom didn't go in front of the judges until 9 pm.  During those ten hours, my mom hung in there like the champ she is and warmed everyone's heart. I checked on her numerous times with one of the BET reps who came back and told me that she was in the room just being Mama Mae to everyone. Earlier a girl lost her shoe on the escalator and as we all scampered around to find out who shared her shoe size, I looked over to see my mom already with her arm around the girl comforting her and assuring her that she will be just fine.

Obviously, this is a contest and there can only be one winner. I can't even begin to describe how it felt to wait for my mom to come out of that room where she sang for the judges.  I just kept thinking about how my mom just loves everyone and how proud I was for her in taking this step and pursuing this dream of hers.  I prayed that she would at least get on television for one week. Just one! She then came out of the room with a smile, turned to the camera and said that although the judges said that she had a great voice and great presence, she just wasn't what Sunday's Best was looking for.  I felt as if we lost the World Series. I look forward to seeing what my face looks like on TV as I tried to hold it together. I simply smiled and said "Well then ok" hugged and kissed her, and walked her back to our hotel. 

Before we could get back, a few of the show's reps and contestants stopped my mother and told her how much they enjoyed her. I mean, she is pretty delightful if you haven't met her yet. I know she was beat but she stayed a good while afterward and talked with them. We started to walk back and I turned to her and asked how she REALLY felt.  As for me, I was just waiting to get into a corner and cry somewhere. She said that she felt great! She was so relieved and so confident to continue singing. She wasn't disappointed at all. Upon arriving back to the hotel, where she was still taking this news way better than I was, I checked my email.  A girlfriend of mine sent me a completely unrelated email but at the bottom was this quote:

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want...but what is right."-Max Lucado

When you really love someone and want more than anything to see their dreams come true, I have found that it's important to remember that if you multiply that hope and love by infinity, you still will not be able to come close to how much more God loves them and wants to see what He has put deep  down inside come into being as well.  I trust God with my mother's future and I know that He is also proud of her for casting her net in faith.  She's my hero.

Thanks for all your prayers and look out for more Willie Mae updates. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

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