Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me-Toya
Tia did this a while back and it took me getting sick to finally commit to doing it

1. I am REALLY left-handed.


2. I have never been stung by a bee.


3. I am a daddy's girl to the fullest. I get my love of music and lyrics from my dad. When I was really little, he used to sing me Motown songs and I thought he made them up until I found out that he was singing songs by Major Lance, The Four Tops, The Temptations, etc. Honorable mention- My dad may just have the worst singing voice ever but it's my favorite to listen to because he is so happy when he sings.


4. I wanted to be one of BBD's Poison Girl dancers REALLY REALLY bad. I think I may still know the choreography from the Poison video pretty well.


5. I interned at Boyz II Men's studio for almost two years in Pennsylvania around 1998. During this time, I met a lot of artists but one that always stuck out was this tall white kid who visited a few times. He had a great, sarcastic sense of humor, piercing green eyes and a killer smile. I heard him sing in the hallway and wondered for years when his record was coming out. I tried to convince EVERYONE about how good this kid was. Almost 12 years later, Robin Thicke is on his third record now.


6. I used to get called an Oreo when I was a kid because my parents made me speak proper English and I listened to all kinds of music, especially rock music. Funny, I used to cry a lot about it but now I have a feeling that these traits are going to make me a lot of money some day.


7. When I was little I always wondered what would happen if I put one of those Ogilvie home perms in my hair because I really, really, wanted curly hair. My hairdresser told me to forget it. Little did I know that when I chopped my hair down to an inch because I was sick of the bondage of trying to keep my hair straight like everybody else, that I naturally had curly hair. Life is funny that way.


8. I may be the only single person alive who absolutely loves and cannot wait for Valentine's Day!!!!! Pink, hearts, and candy? I don't understand what there is not to love.


9. I love kindness and I love helping people. Even though I am an extrovert, I am actually a lot more private than most people think that I am. I know a lot of people but very few people know me.


10. My best friend Tia is proof that God really knows what you need before you need it and that He pays very close attention to minor details.


11. I am a scaredy cat and hate suspense, horror films and any movie involving guns. I will leave the room in a second if I think something bad is going to happen.


12. I loved Michael Jackson when I was a child so much that I wrote him a letter. When I received a letter back with him asking me to pay to join his fan club I was devastated that he would ask for that much money from an 8 year old. DEVASTATED. I remember crying "He owns a LLAMA and he is asking ME for money?!"


13. I have met every celebrity I have always wanted to meet. Well actually, I think I wanted to meet a whole lot more at one time but after I met Prince, I really didn't care too much about anyone else. Oh but I would love to meet at least one of the Poison dancers.


14. Next to salvation, braces are the best gift I could have ever had. I had the worst teeth in the world as a teenager.


I cannot believe how hard this is!


15. I am from New Jersey and still look at the time and process it in Eastern Standard Time. For example, it's now 6:40 pm but it's REALLY 7:40 pm. Northerners are snobs. Yes, I said it.


16. I have always known that I wanted to be in the music industry even from the 3rd grade. I never really wanted to sing even though my mother is convinced that I can.


17. I didn't learn to drive until I was 20 years old.


18. I didn't graduate college and I wish I could say that I regret that but I don't. 4 years of balancing independence and studies was impossible for me. I have no regrets at all.


19. I think it's funny that most people are surprised by my age but I fear the day when people will actually be able to tell my age. However, judging by the looks of my hot mom, that will never happen.


20. I really, really, really love Nashville. I have a heart for Nashville and I believe it will be an incredible place for artistic creativity of all types one day.


21. I love flavored lip gloss. Victoria's Secrets lip gloss is my favorite.


22. Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal to the point that I don't keep it in my house. I would never cook if I kept it in my kitchen.


23. I will not ever refuse a homemade Rice Krispy Treat.


24. There are some scandalous (and I do mean Madonna like scandalous) pictures of me from high school that you will never see. However, my grandmother in Louisiana has them in a photo album on her living room table.


25. With a shoe size of 9 1/2, I have freakishly large feet for a woman who is 5'2.


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