Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update on My Mom and Bet's Sunday Best Show- Toya

To all that have voted for my mother to be on BET's Sunday Best, thank you SOOO very much! She came in second place in online voting! This means that in 2 weeks we fly down to Atlanta for her to audition in front of Bebe Winans and Mary Mary. I don't know who is more nervous, her or me.

My mom is so excited but even more so in shock. Whenever anybody mentions it she says "Do you believe it? Little old me!?" This is when my jaded, overprotective, music industry side comes into play. Sure all that sweet southern flavored modesty worked for our girl Melinda Doolittle but I want my mom to own this. I don't ever want her to feel as if she doesn't deserve to compete. She doesn't have to win (she really just wants to meet Kirk Franklin and hopefully some day get on a Tyler Perry movie) but she is really looking forward to this experience. And as great of an opportunity that this can be for her, I constantly have to keep my skepticism in check. I mean it's network television, it's reality television, it's the music industry and it's MY MOTHER. I almost feel like a parent who is frightened for their child who comes to them and tells them that they have been accepted into the police academy. While taking her to the airport during her visit, I turned to her and apologized for my "We'll see" killjoy of an attitude. "Look, please understand that my skepticism is not at all a reflection of me doubting how gifted and talented you are. I hope that you know that. It's just that I am really on edge about how this industry can be and I don't want you to be disappointed." I then went on to apologize and told her that after praying about how I could change my attitude, I discovered that no matter where this may lead, all I really need to do is be supportive and enjoy this experience with her; not be Joe Jackson. So please keep my mother in prayer and while you are at it please keep me in prayer that I keep my attitude in check.

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