Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sacrilege - Tia

So here's the thing. I think Christopher Cross' Sailing is one of the best songs EVER written. And I do mean EVER. I think Toya describes it perfectly when she says, "It actually SOUNDS like what it's. It sounds like Sailing."

I remember how excited I would get when this song would come on the radio. One afternoon at the tender age of about five I figured out how to work the tape recorder and taped it off the radio and listened to it over and over. I LOVED this song.

I'm usually not a fan of remakes. But Nsync KILT this song. That 5 part harmony is SICK SICK SICK. And (here's where the sacrilege comes in) I actually think I like their version a little bit better than the original. It's not much more. Just a smidge really. It's like Nsync's is in 1st place and Christopher Cross' version is in 1st and 1/2 place. (I KNOW that makes no sense. Just run with it.)

Avant took it upon himself remake this song. I don't hate it but he's no Christopher Cross. You can listen to it here.

There's not too much that needs to be done to the song. And it would take a whole lot to screw it up. Christopher Cross is a genius. Don't even get me started on Ride Like The Wind.

(If you were born after about '83 Christopher Cross is probably lost on you.)

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