Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Should Know: B. Reith- Toya

B. Reith "Awestruck"- Gotee Records

One of my friends asked me if I had seen B. Reith's new "Awestruck" video and I told her that I hadn't yet. She said, "I don't know how the girl in the video could stand there while he sang that close to her." I soon started shaking my head and gave her the same response I give every woman when they start talking about B. Reith.

"That's a man of God right there".

This is my automated response whenever any of my female friends goes into how fine they think B. Reith is. It's not in defense of him for he needs no defense but because something in me will not allow me to say anything remotely sideways about this man. For those that have read this blog long enough, you know I always have PLENTY of borderline inappropriate things to say about some good looking guys(I had to repent after American Idol was over because of all those things I said about David Cook) so this may comes as a shock. I respect B. Reith so much and to be honest, I have no idea why. Like, I don't even think I could say he is good looking out loud. I would probably say, umm, he is not hard to look...he is pleasant on the ey...maytheLordGodblesshimrealgood, see, I can't.

The first time I saw B. Reith perform I had already heard about him for about 3 years. He performed after some friends of mine. I went to take my seat front row center. As he went into his first song I looked at my friends who were sitting behind me and took my chair, turned it away from the stage and sat indian style with my back to the stage in protest. "Uh uh. No. Are you kidding me? I really can't receive this man singing about Jesus with him looking like that. This is an outrage. I want my money back (it was free)." But seriously, he got to "Rain Down" and I was ruined. It had nothing to do with him or what he looks like but everything to do with the sincerity and transparency in his music as he tackles such issues as giving up, love, frustration, God and more.  Reminiscent of Jason Mraz, he raps, sings, plays guitar and puts on a really good show. Check him out on Toby Mac's (another one I won't talk sideways about) Winter Wonder Slam Tour this year with some of my favorites Relient K and Family Force 5 (who are BANANAS if you don't already know). 

There is tons of stuff online with B. Reith on Youtube and such. I recommend you check it out because he is hilarious. Super nice, super talented, loves God and fi...see I can't even say it. May God continue to bless him.

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Claire said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who appreciates B.