Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why You Twitterers Need to Follow Us on Twitter- Toya

You need to follow us on Twitter for the following reasons:

a) We're random. You already knew that.
b) BGLU alerts- Just this week I sent out 2 BGLU alerts because David Cook was on SNL and Gym Class Heroes were on Leno.  This is information BGLU readers need. Did you miss Travis? You need to be on Twitter.
c) Live concert updates. We twittered all through the New Kids on the Block reunion show and it was so fun.
d) I need Tia to see that this is worth it because I have yet to sell her on Twitter.

Click on both boxes on the right to follow Tia and Me to stay in the loop. I am BGLUToya and Tia is Tiabglu.

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