Monday, November 3, 2008

Toya's Random Coffeehouse Musings

1. Dreaming is free- I don't have a job yet and well, money is type low right now but that did not stop me from looking at my ideal office space to operate my non-profit. I HATE working from home and this space would be perfect because it's in an area where I am ALL the time. I mean, I practically live in the area. It would be a dream come true. To be able to do what I love full time, all the time would freak me out.  It's actually scary to think about.  Anyway, I am going to see if I can get some investors or something. I mean, it could happen. Why not?

2. I love songs that immediately make me want to break out into the Molly Ringwald "The Breakfast Club" dance.  I just heard that "I've Been Crying in the Dark" song and almost went crazy.  I remember when that used to disturb me. I mean, most BGLU's know how it feels to be called Oreo and to have your blackness questioned.  I'm so glad to be free from that.

3. My mother is coming for Thanksgiving for a week and I have not a clue what I am going to do with her. My dad was here for 3 days and we kicked it at the house, took naps, went to the movies and church, etc. My mom is a little bit more high maintenance. Like, I may need to get cable before she comes here.

4. I just found out that the VP of Def Jam committed suicide yesterday. I hear he was a good guy. You never know what someone is going through.  I have been in some low, low places that I am  certain would shock most people.  We need to take care of each other and we need to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, just when you think you can't take it anymore, there is a breakthrough just on the other side. I hate that he didn't live to know that. So sad.

5. I was listening to New Kids "Face the Music" cd today and realized that they did not perform "Never Let You Go" on the reunion tour. This is what I would like to propose: A club tour of sorts called "This Tour Aint For Everybody, Only the Sexy People".  They can the perform the HITS! Like "Never Let You Go", "Let's Play House", "Girls", "Mrs. Right", etc. Throw some "Grown Man" in there, let Jordan sing "Separate Ways", give the people a little Luther Vandross tribute. You know, real grown and sexy like. I'm just sayin'.  

6. Still mad at Donnie in that picture.

7. Tia is in town on business. I know she is sick of traveling but I can't wait to start. I wish I could visit our friend Taryn in Korea...or Tokyo. Umm, I forget where she is but from the pics I know I want to be there.

8. I heard that new Bobby Valentino/Lil Wayne song and wanted to call that non-emergency number that they give you when you have a "less than 911" type situation. BEAT IT LIKE A COP???!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me.  And he says that repeatedly. I felt so violated when I heard that, I almost wanted to sit on a block of ice.  Thank God for Ne-Yo. I will ignore that he sang the hook on Bust It Baby. I shouldn't, but I will.

9. Am I wrong if I decide to vote for Michelle Obama? I think I want her to be First Lady more than I want Barack Obama to be president. 

10. One final election mention, I am sure Sarah Palin is a nice lady. Lord knows she is cute as a button. I really have nothing against her.  However, if I get one more email about her prophesying in church and how she is a woman of God and for that alone she should get my vote, I fear I may be judged for heresy. Hey I LOVE my pastor's wife. She is a BAD chick. However, pretty sure I don't want  her to be my vice president and definitely not my president. As Fresh says on, you need more people... and a burning bush. I'm just sayin'.

Furthermore (see I feel it building up) if you are going to try to push my "Christian" button, I need you to run your campaign in a Christlike manner and I haven't really seen too much of that behavior on the Republican side. I am neither Democrat or Republican just like I am neither Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. I am Pro-Make Wise Choices About Your-Life. One thing that I like about what Obama said was that what we need to be doing is getting to the root of the abortion issue and that is kids having sex in the first place.  He didn't say unsafe sex. I think he described it as being cavalier and taking on the responsibility of sex that they aren't ready for. 

This may shock some but I am not for abstinence only programs. Yes, me, virgin at 33, holding out for the Lord, is not down. People have different belief systems and that should be respected.  What I WISH would happen is that people were given the information to make the right decisions. It is hard to decide not to have sex when our music is over sexed, television is over sexed, and deciding to be abstinent makes you a running joke in front of the whole world on MTV's Video Music Awards. One thing my parents did right was to warn me about emotional consequences even more so than the fear of pregnancy and disease. I was able to look at my friends and the turmoil they went through and then make the decision that it just wasn't worth the headache.  Oh and another thing, my parents are some freaks (eww).  Sex was never ever viewed as a bad or taboo thing in our house.  Anyway, all of that to say I just want people, kids specifically to know all of the good and bad and then make decisions.  I just don't see them getting a fair shot to do so. *climbing off soapbox now*.

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