Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tia's Take on the AMAs

- Christina Aguilera can sing and she can also OVERSING. Holy crap man, how many riffs does ONE song need? I am loving the medley of her catalog though. I'll admit it, I'm a fan. Not a super fan, but a fan. I've got a couple of her cds and know most of her singles. OOOOH...that Ain't No Other Man is my JOINT. I know that WHOLE song, inflictions, key changes.....everything.
And she is just bound and determined to hold on to that red lipstick, huh? I mean....I guess. If that's what she likes.

- "Christina Aguilera had a baby and Mariah Carey married one." RAHAHAHAHAHAHA

- David Archeleta still annoys me. Sorry Toya.

- Jamie Foxx is apparently about to introduce Ne-Yo. I mean, after he shamelessly plugs his album. Oh....well I guess he's NOT inroducing Ne-Yo.

- Jimmy Kimmel is boring me. And I think I dislike him for the company he keeps.

- OOOHH...New Kids...Let's see how it goes.
Donnie can still get it. They seem a little off tonight. Let's see if this version of DD will make up for the video. Jon is FINE.

Well, the performance was okay. It started off real special, but they recovered at the end with the help of that high note from Jordan. But they were A LOT better when we saw them in concert.

- How high is Scott Weiland? Or maybe drunk? He is intoxicated in some way.

- This Pink song is cute but it's not nearly as catchy as So What. Plus she didn't call anyone a tool. I'm sorry, but that's such a funny insult to me. A tool? That's like saying, "You're such a hammer." RHAHAHAHAHAHA

- I don't understand Taylor Swift's appeal. She's not that great of a singer. And if we're picking blond country singers Carrie Underwood gets my vote. But that Taylor girl just seems like that angst ridden teen who's just angst-y enough to be annoying.

- Lance Bass needs to stop playing. That's all I'm going to say.

- I LOVE Rascal Flatts. I really do. I have a couple of their cds.

- Ne-Yo always renews my ever dwindling hope in R&B. And I love that he is such a performer. A lot of people are artists but not performers or vice versa. He is one of the few who is both.

- I don't hate Nickelback. I actually like some of their songs.

- Let's see what Kanye has to say.
He is so long winded.

- And I didn't know that Jesse McCartney co-wrote Bleeding Love. That child is PAID because that song played everywhere for MONTHS.

- I LOVE this Leona Lewis song. I DON'T love the interpretive dancers. They seem unnecessary.
I really forget how well Leona Lewis can sing until she hits that unexpected high note with amazing control.

- Why am I yawning already?

- Billy Rae has come a long way from his Achy Breaky mullet days.

- I don't hate this Miley Cyrus song.
Did the dancers in white draw the short straws?
"You guys get to dress as the billboard behind Miley." "Ummm...what??"

- I didn't know Garth Brooks put anything out this year. I like Garth Brooks. I need to get his box set from Wal-Mart.

- Holy fake birthday moment, Batman. You shouldn't be able to hear the producer telling the birthday girl to blow out her candles. You also shouldn't be able to hear him telling her friends to hug her. They shouldn't have to be told. Is nothing in Hollywood real?

- I know the clean-up crew wants to beat Chris Martin's a$$ for all of that confetti. It's all fun and games until you have to clean it up. And what about the people that have to perform after you? The janitors should just walk out there and hand them all brooms when they finish singing.

- Umm....who knew Colbie Calliat was that banging...? Good 'head Girl!!

- Alicia Keys is GORGEOUS!!!

- Did you see the janitor almost run out there? I'm telling you, they need to hand those brooms to Chris and the boys.

- I'm basically only still watching because I want to see Bouncy...Beyonce.

- Ooohh....I love Kate Walsh's haircut. If I hadn't spend the last few months growing my hair out I would cut mine like that.

- The Jonas Brothers are cute.

- Why is The Dream hating on the Jonas Brother? Sityoassdown!! We don't even know who you are.

- Oh shoot..Beyonce. Say what you want about the girl, Beyonce is a BAD BROAD.
And I like the United Colors of Benetton dancers she used.

Okay, I'm going to leave the awards on in the background but I've pretty much seen everything I wanted to see. So I'm out.

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