Monday, November 3, 2008

So this is what happened - Tia

I first have to say that Donnie was ALWAYS my favorite. Jordan was cute and all. Jon always seemed a little too soft. Joey got on my nerves. And I just didn't get Danny. Oh but I GET Danny now. And Jon...HOT DAYUM, IT'S A NEW DAY. Gollydawg, he is STUPID fine. Time has been SOOOO good to him.

Anyway, Donnie was always my favorite. I won tickets to see the New Kids when I was in junior high and Donnie came and sang on the platform closest to me. At the tender age of 12 I was all in love. So you know I was excited when I found out we were going to get to go to the meet and greet.

I won't rehash what Toya has already said. I'll skip to the part that matters. I turned the corner and had to fight the urge to scream. I mean, come on. They were standing RIGHT THERE. I hugged Jordan and Danny (shorter than I thought) and then I got to Donnie. I have to be honest, my first impression was to get DIRECTLY in his mouth. I figured I could get in several good seconds of lip action before security took me down. But good sense took over and not knowing my own boundaries, I extended my hand. I didn't want to go in for the hug like I'd done with the other guys because, like I said, I was afraid I would have my tongue in his mouth before EITHER of us knew what happened.

I stuck out my hand and managed a not so feeble , "Hi." Donnie looked at me and smiled like the devil and said, "Nu-uh." He shook his head and said, "Come here" and pulled me in for a hug. My soul says YES.

Apparently we weren't moving fast enough for the handlers and the photographer because I hear, "Ladies..the picture." I honestly have no idea how long I hugged that man but apparently it was too long. So I turned to face the camera and mumbled, "My bad" because I honestly figured I was the sole person holding up the process. As I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to not get weak in the knees and not slouch for the picture, I feel Donnie lean into me and ask DIRECTLY in my ear, "Did you just say 'my bad'?"


Picture taken, I turn to him, look directly into his face and say, "Yes. Is that a problem?" (Side bar: I don't really watch or listen to anything that would be considered relevant. So "my bad" "my fault" "no worries" are still perfectly acceptable slang to me.) I was too busy falling into a trance looking all up in his face to notice that Toya and Anne Marie had walked off. I vaguely remember Toya saying something about me leaving with them....vaguely. But I was KEENLY aware that Donnie damn near had me in a headlock his arm was so tight around my shoulder. HELL YEAH.

I'm not leaving, til you're leaving.

He wouldn't let go. And hey, neither would I. Toya just kept looking at me. I looked at her and looked at him and beseeched her, "I'm just saying." Toya: "We can go." Me: pointing at Donnie with my free hand, "I'M JUST SAYING!!!" Jon is quietly cracking up on the side. Finally, I hear, "Ma'am" from someone who looks important and with the HEAVIEST of hearts I let go.

Apparently, Donnie has a type. Who knew I fell into that category...? But see here's the thing, I have a type too. And Donnie is it. It's ALWAYS been guys like him. The kind of guy who would hold you with one hand while you make out and hold his beer in the other hand. The kind of guy who, if it came to it, would brawl in the street til his knuckles bled but love the hell out of you directly after. He cleans up hella nice in a custom made suit but the minute he walks in the house he's out of his suit and into a wife beater, some fly jeans and a fitted cap. THAT is my type.

Anyway, that's my brief Donnie Walhberg story. I have to be honest, I would take his
Grown Man. I'm sorry. I'm just being honest. That man is delicious. But God knows what he's doing and his grace is sufficient. So I'll just wait for my own Donnie Wahlberg to come along.

But...umm...err...ahhh...if the actual Donnie is reading and wants holla...hit up your girl Candice. She's got my number.

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