Sunday, November 2, 2008

See, what had happened was...- Toya
If you haven't already, click on the picture to get the full gist of how Donnie Wahlberg was all up in Tia's grill. I mean, could not have been more obvious.

I am so tired but I know that it is just wrong for me to go this long without some sort of explanation and recap. I will try my best.

Before I got laid off, I said I wasn't going to see New Kids because I just couldn't afford taking the days off in the middle of the week to do so because I had to take  days off the week before.  Also, I didn't think that I could afford it. Well, I still can't afford it but I no longer have to worry about taking the days off so I decided to surprise Tia with my friend Anne Marie (she is the one between Jon and Tia in the picture).  We rolled up to the restaurant where we were to have dinner and Anne Marie dropped me off to meet Tia in the parking lot. My goodness, the swarms of women in homemade bedazzled New Kids t-shirts and hot pink was dizzying. I am constantly amazed at how women can look so much older when they try to make themselves look younger. A-MAZING. Finally, I ran into the parking lot just in time for Tia to turn around and see me. It was awesome! We didn't have time to hug and cry and such (I've really missed her since she's moved to Atlanta) because we had just 5 minutes to get to the arena where my friend told us to meet her for the private meet and greet before the fan meet and greet (if that makes sense).  

When it was our turn to meet them (we were last in line) the photographers tried to get us to take pictures with the 4 other women that were already posing. Umm, no thanks. We've waited how long for this picture?  We then walked up and said our hellos. Now this is the thing, waaaaaaay back in the day Donnie Wahlberg tried to get with my best friend in high school (I am WAY too tired to tell that story). All that to say, I have seen his type before. I already knew that he was going to try Tia. There was no doubt.  I didn't see him talk to her (she will have to tell her side of the story). I did however get to talk to Joey! Up until that point, Joey and Jonathan were the only ones I hadn't met.  Speaking of Jonathan, GOOD GOOGA MOOGA Jonathan Knight is FINE! That pic does him no justice. He is ignorantly good looking. Who knew!? Anyway, I said hi to them all and tried to figure out which camera I was supposed to look into. Jordan then said, "Here stand between me and Danny." I stood there hoping that I wasn't the one to jack up the picture by looking into the wrong camera. Immediately after the camera flashed, I thought to myself, "Now I need to go get Tia from Donnie." Mind you, I didn't even see them meet each other. I just knew.

PAUSE: Did I mention that I am a Danny girl? It doesn't look like it in the picture does it? Why? Because I have no game. Carry on.

I turned to see Donnie with his arm still around Tia, practically in a headlock.  I looked at her and said "Hey, would you care to join us?"  Tia gave me a blank stare and Donnie gave me a similar stare except his said something like "How about you stay out of grown folks business?"  I mean, is the ink even dry on the divorce papers yet? I'm just saying.  Donnie finally let Tia out of the headlock and we were on our way to dinner.

So that's my recap. Oh wait! The show...

The" Somebody Hit the Gym REAL Hard for This Tour" Award Goes to....
Jordan Knight.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE that he recreated his Baby I Believe in You performance with open white shirt and fans blowing circa 1990. I aint mad at him! It was fierce. He also performed Give It to You and I lost my whole mind.

The "What in the World Was That" award goes to...
Joey McIntyre for his solo/interpretive dance thingy he did. I have no idea what song he did during his solo performance but it was very Dancing with the Stars-ish. I mean, ok? I loved how my friend Anne Marie asked if Donnie was going to come out and do his monologue from The Sixth Sense.

The "Oh No Yall DIDN'T" award goes to...
New Kids on the Block for pulling out Valentine Girl. YES INDEED!!!! I straight lost my earring during that song.

The "You are So Predictable" award goes to...
Donnie Wahlberg. Seriously, I need him to get it together.

The "I Didn't Come Here to Have a Tender Moment" award goes to...
Whoever did the audio visual power point thing they played after "If You Go Away" that paid tribute to Aaliyah, Luther Vandross, Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, Donnie's sister and grandfather, Danny's mom, and Dick Scott. Uh uh. Was NOT happy about that. I needed them to follow that with something happy like "Popsicle" or something. 

The "Song that Made Me Glad that There Was No After Party" award goes to
"Grown Man".  Jesus would have had to have been more than a fence. He would have had to be a barbwired barricade with a pack of pitbulls. The flesh is weak and Danny is single. I'm just sayin'. 

It was absolutely beautiful to see them do so well and practically sell out. It really was. There are artists that came out  years ago that can't give tickets away so it was heartwarming.  It's a great show, definitely better than I have ever seen them do and I have been to 4 from the very beginning until now. If you are a fan you will not be disappointed. 

Oh I forgot one... The "And Then We Would've Gotten Arrested Due to" award goes to...
Me. No I did not try to jump on one of the New Kids but I did almost jump on a drunk girl on the way out.  I cannot stand sloppy drunk girls! We were walking to the parking lot across the street and waiting in traffic was a stretch SUV limo.  The window rolls down and this drunk girl sloppily points to us with drink in hand and says, "You girls should walk faster".  I stopped and quickly replied "And you should drink slower". It was then that I thought that we were walking much faster than her limo was going so I probably wouldn't get caught if I caught her in her mouth through the window and kept it moving. I refrained. You can't get caught up in nostalgia. This is 2008, not 1990 so I would be going to jail, not juvie. 

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