Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Official: I have an illness.- Toya

I have an illness that has yet to be named but here are the symptoms:
1) Spent a total of two days on the couch watching Seasons 2,3 and some of 1 of The Office. I zoned out so bad that it was 9:30 last night before I realized that yesterday WAS NOT TUESDAY.
2) A few times during my Office binge I secretly prayed that God would turn Jim Halpert into a real boy like Pinocchio.
3) I hate Michael Scott and Karen like they are real people. 
4) The words "pencil cup" and "tuna" make me smile really big.
5) If I meet someone who looks like John Krasinski and loves Jesus I may just propose on the spot and promise to work out the formalities later. 
6) I regret getting caught up on all of the episodes because now that it is in syndication I have no more new Jim Halpert antics to look forward to.

This is terrible.  I have got to get a job soon.

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