Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If You Like It Then You Should Put THIS Ring On It- Toya

One night I was trying to get to sleep and happened to see Justine Simmons (who I am crazy about) on The Home Shopping Network. She was on there selling her new Brown Sugar Jewelry collection. OH SWEET HEAVENLY FATHER. 

This is the thing, I am not a jewelry person. Tia often refers to me as a black hippie. It is my intention to make so much money some day that I can dress like a hobo. In the meantime, I try to keep it together. But trust, if I ever make gobs of money it's broom skirts, scarves, head wraps, tank tops and jewelry from the African Street Festival or Forever 21.

My soon to be husband should be happy to know that the ring above (if he catches it on a good day) is less than $300. No one could ever accuse me of being a golddigger, I will tell you that much. Funny thing is, the idea of even thinking about what I would want my engagement ring to look like used to literally make me nauseous. I remember when Tia and I lived together, she had the website to some place where you could design your own ring and save the picture. "Here" she said, putting her laptop into my lap after showing me hers.  "You should probably tell me which one you'd like". I was so confused! She went through the whole 3 C's thing (cut and something and something. Or are there 5 C's) and my brain almost overheated. As she went upstairs, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least look.

"Ok. Umm, one solitaire diamond, 14k gold. Size 8".  I thought that was all the information it needed. But nooooooo. It's sooo much! Cut and color (I'm assuming that's another one of the C's), size, weight, surrounding diamonds, etc.  So then I thought, "I am certain that pink diamonds can't cost that much. I can't think of anyone that would want a pink heart shaped diamond besides me."  So then I started creating this pink, heart shaped diamond monstrosity for about 15 minutes and when I finally finished how about that bad boy STARTED at $25,000? Shoot, for all of that money, how about you give me an engagement house down payment?

So Tia comes back downstairs and I told her that I found a more simpler diamond ring.  She looked at it and said, "Ok. Well now we need to talk about the (whatever C I can't remember). Do you want this or this or..."  I just started shaking my head like crazy. "No! Uh uh. No. This is too much. Seriously, I can't do this anymore." I just gave her back her computer and sat there not thinking anything so my brain could cool off.  I cannot believe how much can go into finding a ring. Thank God I wasn't under any pressure.

Justine Simmons Brown Sugar line looks like it was designed just for me.  I LOVE this one...
For more on the Simmons Family jewelry collection go to They also have some really cute Hello Kitty stuff from my second favorite Simmons lady, Kimora Lee. 

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