Monday, November 17, 2008

Keep HOPE Alive in 2008! Vote Willie Mae!- Toya

Everyone, say hello to my mother, Willie Mae. Pretty stinkin' cute, huh?  I have the sarcasm of my father but please believe I am just like my mom in personality.  One thing that I didn't get from my mother is her singing ability.  My mom is the kind of singer that when she would walk to the microphone at church to sing a song, people would already be clapping and pulling tissue out their purses ready to cry.  Well after a year I finally convinced her to try out on BET's Sunday Best show and to my surprise she actually did! I couldn't believe it. She set up a page, had a video made and even posted a few blogs. Blew me away. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the show's judges put her in the Top 10 today.

I know I have been pretty private on this blog. I mean, I am candid as far as life experiences but we have had this blog for 5 years and I didn't even have my picture up until this year, My Myspace and Facebook pages are private and I still get a little weirded out if I meet someone at a show and they ask me if I am Toya from Black Girls Like Us. But this is my mother. I love her and I will do almost anything to help her dreams come true.

Starting tomorrow through December, voting will commence for the top 2.  My mom ended the last round in the top 2 and I believe she can do it again.  I would love it if you would vote for her every day.  Now to my knowledge she does not know about this blog AT ALL and I would like to keep it that way for just a little while longer. In the meantime, let's keep this on the hush...on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Yeah, I know.

So please check out my mom's page at  If you even like her a little bit, would you please vote for my cute mom so she can go on TV, sing, and meet Kirk Franklin?

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