Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I mean this is information I need
Eye Candy - Tia

I am a super nerd. I love a murder mystery, crime scene investigator, first 48, cold case type show. I will watch any one of the above referenced with shows with rapt attention. I love CSI:Miami (Horatio be killing y'all with those sunglasses and the one-liners.) And I'm also a fan of the original CSI (my brother MADE me watch it over Christmas to prove to me that Grissom was a better team lead than Horatio. Told you I was I nerd.) But I figure you've got to draw the line somewhere, other wise you find yourself watching CSI: Paducah, KY. So I never really paid attention to the other CSI in New York. CHILD....I wish someone had said something.

As you know, I've been battling some sort of cold thing. I seriously haven't had a cold in so long I wasn't even sure what I should take. I couldn't remember what really worked and what didn't. Anyway, when you're sick you spend a lot of time in bed. You can either read, sleep or watch television. Yeah, I did all of those. And on one particular evening I found myself watching CSI:New York. Why you ask...because the eye candy that ran across the screen in the first 10 minutes was darn near criminal.

First there was Carmine:

Seriously?!?!?! Carmine?!?!?!? That just SOUNDS like the kind I like. You know those Italian boys are the business.

Then Hill Harper showed up:

YES LORD YES!!!!! I love an educated brotha. I straight STAN for a fine educated brotha. I can look at Hill and tell he is not all that tall. And frankly, I couldn't care less. I would kick it with him so fast. I mean, he makes a sistah want to LEARN.

And then here he came:

One word: TAG

This is information I needed. I would have been watching this show all along. Eye candy that also appeals to my nerdy sensibilities..? How can I not love that

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