Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I mean, okay...- Tia
The public outcry for Pharrell skateboarding was so loud that I had to go digging through the interweb to find a picture. But can I just say it was harder than it sounds. As many times as we have seen Pharrell with a deck in hand, there weren't that many pictures of him actually on a skateboard.

There was the before he was famous picture....
Film is forever...Remember that.

And this picture was on every other site
...and for good reason.

But an actual picture of him on a skateboard was not easy to come by.

However, since I love you. Here you go:
I still like Chris Brown though. But not in a pervy way, since I'm old enough to be his mom. But in the awww, I hope he does well, I love a positive black brotha doing things kind of way. But if I were 5-6 years younger it would probably be in the pervy way.

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