Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toya's Random Ramblings
  1. I haven't blogged in a while and it's because I have been a bit on the private side. Also, I haven't really had the time. One thing I am trying desperately to learn to do is to make time for EVERYTHING and there is a lot of everything to make time for. I feel like I am in over my head sometimes. This past week I heard my mentor give an interview about how she had been in 5 different cities in 5 days, is on so many boards, currently working with at least 4 different high profile artists, and still has time to be a mom and a girlfriend.  I am juggling significantly less. I am trying my best (sometimes succeeding and at times struggling) to do all things with joy which leads me to my next point.
  2. Being a Christian is hard. It really is. I don't mean hard because of what some may think of what you can't do. I mean because of the things that you are supposed to do. For instance, I must treat people with kindness and esteem them higher than myself. Do you know how hard that is?  And to think, so many of us want to be married and yet we can't treat perfect strangers with kindness. I have picked up a part time job (cause you know, I don't already have enough to do) and I run into some crazy customers. I have one lady who I am super patient with even though she causes me to have to close my register a half hour late because she cannot decide on what clothes to buy.  Why am I so patient with her? Because I understand insecurity and try to be compassionate about it. Her insecurity however frightens the hell out of me.  On top of that she is a psychiatrist.  My point is, I have received an awesome amount of grace in my life and am more aware of God's patience now more than ever before. How can I not extend that to someone else?  THAT mess is HARD.  Contrary to the belief of some, I am not patient towards people because I am some type of saint. I am because I know deep down I am the complete opposite. 
  3. Tags, needy boys and the like- I was going to write about the official end of the Tag saga (the original and 3.0) which ended with a highly emotional blowout but I just don't have it in me tonight. What I will say is this: My friend Melanie has said that you keep learning the lesson until you have learned the lesson. I can stand and say I have learned the lesson so much so that I smell "needy boys" a mile away.  I had someone from my past rear their ugly head and I had to cut them off at the knees. Why? Because he missed the cut off for Needy Boy season. It's a wrap and we have no more room on the bench. No second string, no standbys, we're done here. 
  4. Marriage- I know someone who has filed for divorce. Thing is, he is a great guy. He is a great guy making a huge mistake. I laugh at these women that judge single women because they are not married yet.  I know in my case, women that have done this to me are either not in the happiest of marriages or went through hell to have a happy marriage because they didn't do it in the proper timing.  Marriage is a serious commitment meaning I accept your current crazy and your future crazy. Yeah, I'm good. 
  5. Diet Coke- I tried. I am "on" Coke Zero.  Baby steps...
  6. Celebrity tragedies: Bernie Mac- Don't think it's hit me yet. Kinda like Luther, he just "went away for a awhile". Travis- I love me some Travis Barker. LOVE me some Travis Barker. I seriously don't know how I... never mind. Don't even want to think about it.
  7. Clay Aiken- did he even really have to come out?  Clay Aiken being gay  is like "you understood" in English class. It doesn't need to be said. Kind of like... never mind. I won't out anyone. I'm no Wendy Williams.
  8. Just once I would like to be able to sit through a new rap song on my radio and not feel emotionally raped. I play this game in my car when I am bored to see if I can get through a song without wanting to veer off the side of the road.   I haven't won yet. 
  9. The election- I am not going to get into who I think anyone should vote for but I will say this: if you run your campaign ugly, I firmly believe you will run your presidency ugly for one. Second, if you don't like either candidate and don't want to vote for either one look at it this way: you can always vote AGAINST the one you like the least. Either way, get your vote on. If you can vote 12 times in a row for David Cook on American Idol, surely you can vote in the upcoming election. 
  10. Am I seriously the only person that detests MIA's "Paper Planes"? I mean, I hate it like it's "Laffy Taffy". I don't get it.
* I wanted to make this a list of ten but I must mention this: I officially am crazy about Kings of Leon. The new album? Crazy. However, I don't think it beats the one before it. If you're not down, you may want to get down. I'm just sayin'. 

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