Monday, September 29, 2008

Up for Discussion:New Kids on the Block's "Single" featuring Ne-Yo- Toya

1. Ok, ok, I like the song. It has been growing on me. I mean, I LOVE Ne-Yo and well, I do love me some Old Men in the Club. It's not bad.
2. Sooooooo, I take it Kim Kardashian was booked, maybe? Isn't this somewhat reminiscent of the VERY first Please Don't Go Girl video where all of them are trying to talk to the same brown girl. Anyone? Anyone?
3. They looks good. Yes, looks. Tell the truth and shame the devil fellow BGLU's: NKOTB aside, if a dude that looked like Jordan tried to roll up on you in the line at Starbucks or if a guy that looked like Joey tried to holla at you at Whole Foods, you could be persuaded. And if a guy that looked like Donnie tried to holla at you at, well the club get my point.
4. Donnie tried to riff. Still funny.
5. *Sigh* It's times like this that I miss Arsenio Hall.

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