Sunday, September 7, 2008

I was going to blog about the VMA's but they were SOOOO bad and I am SO pissed off that I seriously can't bring myself to comment on it.-Toya

Wait, I do have this though and then I will shut up...

If it's really all about pro-choice then why are people ridiculed when they make the choice to just not have sex in the first place?  

Ok, I have calmed down now. 

I don't think that Jordin chose her words wisely because if you do choose to have sex before marriage, that does not make you a slut. I doubt that is what she meant but I can see it being perceived that way. I pray she gets no backlash but ya know.  Interesting enough, THAT GUY (who the host will be referred to as because I still have no idea who or what his name is) suddenly started saying all of this spiritual stuff at the end.  It's funny how one can make a personal choice to do something based on their own beliefs and not judging anyone but themselves and this becomes intimidating to others. I do understand Jordin being so mad that she couldn't hold it in. I was mad the minute THAT GUY came out with a fake promise ring insinuating he took it after having sex with one of the Jonas Brothers. 

A friend of mine has suggested time and time again that I start a virginity movement and that is soooo not my thing. I am not trying to be the poster girl for that. What I do encourage others to do is make wise choices. It is hard for anyone to make wise choices when you are ridiculed for not following the crowd.  *Coming down off the soapbox now*

Ok, I DID manage to come up with a few things...

  • I love that they are giving Britney a chance to redeem herself and by love I mean, I wonder what Janet is doing at the house right now. Remember, she put out an album last year too. I'm just saying.
  • Sooooooo really Rihanna opened the VMA's and not Britney. Just as well. I think she is proof that you don't have to be distasteful to be popular. Does anyone not love Rihanna? She reminds me of some 80's artists I loved like Kim Wilde.  One of the few artists out that don't annoy me at all. AND she is beast! What she puts out a single every 2 weeks?
  • Either I am really old or really out of touch (Or both, fine) because I have zero clue who this host is. I don't even know who this guy was in the beginning with Britney. 
  • I'm bored already so let's talk about men in skinny jeans. Why? 
  • I was holding my breath the entire time the host (still don't know his name) was talking about The Jonas Brothers being virgins.  I mean...
  • I am so confused by this show.
  • Is Jamie Foxx telling people to wake up because the host (WHO IS THAT GUY) was so bad. ?
  • Britney won. She looks like nothing ever happened.
  • TRAVIS!!!!! TRAVIS!!!!!! Flutter, flutter...
  • Attention: THE HILLS IS NOT REAL!!! Thank you for your time.
  • This VMA trivia during the commercials is genius.
  • Speechless after the Paris Hilton BFF commercial. Speechless.
  • This is the WORST VMA'S already and it hasn't even been an hour yet.
  • YEEEAAAAAH!!!!!! Little Chris Brown won!!!!!!!!!
  • Why has the Jonas Brothers' virginity been the brunt of most of THIS GUY's jokes?
  • All the Jonas Brothers are missing is Oscar the Grouch. Wait, they aren't on Sesame Street? Where is the Count? "One Jonas Brother, hahahaha" As Bobby just said, the VMA's have been brought to you by the number 3. I don't hate the song at all though.
  • Kid Rock AND Lil Wayne performing together??? What did I do wrong that I deserved this? I would like to apologize to everyone. 
  • My bad. Leona Lewis, Kid Rock and Lil Wayne. Lord please show me the error of my ways. 
  • Lil Wayne just slithered out. Lord please no one throw water on him lest he multiply. 
  • Lil' Wayne AND T-Pain!!!!??? My eyes, MY EYES!!!
  • YEAH Fanny Pack!!!!!
  • I seriously don't even want to watch this anymore. This is so terrible. 
  • That child from Paramore can SING! This is the only performance I have liked.
  • And yet another joke about the Jonas Brothers virginity.
  • OKAY Jordin Sparks! Ever get so mad and riled up over something someone has said that you can't breathe? I will refrain from the No Air jokes because she did NOT look happy at all.
  • Did Christina figure that since Britney wasn't going to come out and be Britney then she would gladly take that spot? 
  • I have never heard of Tokio Hotel before tonight.

  • And this is where I checked out for the night because I was pissed about all the chastity jokes. I mean, so mad I can't even clown Kid Rock so you KNOW I beside myself. Talk amongst yourselves...

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