Thursday, July 17, 2008

Toya's PMS Influenced Ramblings

1. As always, if there hasn't been a post in a while that means that there is a lot going on. 2008...good Lord. I mean, it's just July and it has been non-stop back to back episodes. There is one thing that I have been wanting to write about but every time I think I am near the end of it, something flares up. Once the lesson is learned, I will be happy to share it.
2. "I'll never know what makes this man with all the love his heart can stand, dream of ways to throw it all away".- John Mayer, "Gravity". Tia and I have a friend that has made some decisions that are equivalent to walking towards an oncoming train. Seriously, we are all watching with one eye open. We keep telling him that we love him and not to throw his life away but our love doesn't matter in this case. God's love isn't enough for us so I don't know how I could get so offended by the fact that my love for him is not enough to stop him from making life threatening decisions. I do know one thing, it has made me look at my life a little closer. I am not doing anything dangerous but at times I am not doing anything productive either. That's almost just as bad.
3. I told someone the other day that I don't like a lot of high frequency talking meaning I cannot seem to tolerate a lot of chatty, uber excitedness. I don't know why I have gotten so old and crochety nowadays but I promise you my tolerance level is short and I am really starting to like spending more and more time alone. And most of who I hang around now are guys or girls that are really, really laid back it seems. Again, not feeling too much high frequency talking.
4. I still don't like Justin Timberlake.
5. The Allison Krauss/Robert Plant record is one of my favorite things about life right now. I am so serious.
6. I am STRUGGLING at work. STRUGGLING. This is because I am possibly creating a non-profit organization that has nothing to do with my job. I am so crazy about the possibilities that it is hard to work. They don't pay me to dream so I need to faithful in the little things. It is terribly difficult though.
7. I am so ready for Fall.
8. I love Nashville so much but if they don't put a 7-11 here soon, I may start believing that this is indeed a God forsaken city.
9. I found that one of my favorite styles of music is referred to as Yacht Rock. This would be that AM Gold sounding stuff that makes you want to put on a captain's hat and some white Dockers and get busy. Stuff like early Loggins, Christopher Cross, Bobby Caldwell, Ambrosia. If you go on You Tube and look up Yacht Rock you will see some of the most twisted comedy sketches about how songs like "Rosanna" and "What A Fool Believes" were made. I am seriously a little concerned about my sense of humor because it is so twisted.
10. I heard someone say that if you take the number of friends you have and divide them by the amount of money they totally make a year, that is probably your salary. No wonder we are all broke! I am not saying that I am ditching my friends but umm, what is really going on?

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