Monday, June 30, 2008

This Fool Right HERE- Toya

First of all, please let me apologize for not alerting you all about the one night only theatrical release of John Mayer's DVD "Where the Light Is." I completely forgot to post about it. If you weren't fortunate enough to catch it, it will be released on Tuesday.

It's brilliant- 3 completely live performances in one night at one venue.  I believe he referred to it as the 3 incarnations of John Mayer. The first incarnation was the solo acoustic John Mayer that displayed some new songs that I am already hyped about. And while the new songs were something to shout about, I liked to got up and ran around the whole movie theater over the David Ryan Harris accompanied cover of "Free Falling". The second set was by the John Mayer Trio.  I mean.... maybe watching Mayer in this setting allowed me to hear things with new concentration but I seriously don't think I have ever heard him sing or play this well ever. Musically and vocally he was superb.  Warning: there is a guitar solo on here that had us all praying to marry a guitar player. I will not go into details why but Lord let it be according to my faith.

The third incarnation was full band Mayer and I was very pleased with the songs he chose. True, he didn't play my favorites (I could've gone onto glory if he would've played Split Screen Sadness) but what he did play had special only-for-live show treats.  The song that made me almost throw my shoe at the screen was that "Gravity".  "Gravity" was so ridiculous that by the end there were 3 of my girlfriends in a row with one hand raised and heads bowed in witness.  I wanted to go in front of the theater and give an altar call:

"The doors of the theater are open. Won't you come, won't you come? I see that hand with a corn dog in it. Won't you come"...

Big screen John Mayer was a good look. If it happens to be playing in your city for whatever reason, I wouldn't miss it. As many times as I have seen John Mayer live, I indeed enjoyed this the best.  

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