Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Favorite Songs Right Now- Toya

I don't care how you feel about Keyshia Cole, if you have ever identified with anything I have written concerning my love life or lack thereof, "Heaven Sent" ought to be your jam.

I have always loved the flow of this song but it wasn't until I was outside my car pumping gas one day that I actually listened to the lyrics. I was almost offended; started looking around and stuff like "I need her to mind her business."

Here are my top 6 songs because I couldn't narrow them down to 5:

1. Heaven Sent- Keyshia Cole
2. Shake It- Metro Station- Don't be a happy hater. You know you love it.
3. Close Your Eyes- DWELE!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! (side note, his and Anthony David's records both came out today. You want to have those in your life).
4. Closer- Ne-Yo (check out the house remixes. They will bless you).
5. Royal Flush- Big Boi, Raekwon, and Andre 3000. WHY is Andre 3000's verse on this so ri-damn-diculous???? I love him and his blouses. I don't even care.
6. Never Never Land- Lyfe Jennings. I have NO idea what this man is talking about towards the end. "She's a deacon, she chills in the pulpit. Aww, you wrong dog!" NO clue. However, I love singing it.

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