Friday, June 27, 2008

Music and news - Tia

I love myspace. You can pretty much find anything and anybody on there. The other day I was listening to music on Nathan Angelo's page (who I got to meet last night; very sweet guy) when I decided to surf his top friends and see if there were any artists who would be BGLU worthy. Enter Zachary Kale. Think Marc Broussard, with a dash of Matt Morris and Justin Timberlake sprinkled in. If you're a Broussard fan I highly recommend you check out Zachary Kale. He debut album is solid with a great mix of soul, pop and R&B and excellent BGVs from Nathan Angelo and one of the greatest voices I've ever heard Jason Eskridge. (Jason sang to his wife at his wedding and I had to keep standing there and NOT throw the flowers I was holding at him. That man was DOING IT.)

If you're in Nashville, he's got a show coming up in August. It's worth going if for no other reason that to hear him cover an Alicia Keys' song and then turn around and put the stank on his song Love Takes Time.

I wrote a review of the show on the new.....(drum roll please)

BGLU music page.

We talk about music so much around here that I figured we might as well have a page that solely dedicated to music. Until we're a full website, which I know we have been promising that we're going to do for years and as soon as I get a mac (and some time) we will do it, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a separate page dedicated to just music. Of course we will still talk about music here, but the BGLU music will be more comprehensive. It's just a test run for now. If it seems counterproductive, you know we'll let it go.

So if there are artists that you think we'd be interested in, shoot us an email. If we like them we'll shout them out. If not..well don't take it personally.


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