Sunday, June 8, 2008

Matt Morris Update- Toya

You know, around here we take Matt Morris very seriously. We believe that he is a very important and ingenious artist whose time has finally come. We can't wait for the rest of the world to finally discover the talent that a lot of us have experienced through his first CD "Eternity". With all that said, allow me to be trite for a second.

Matt Morris is fine.

Now, I am not trying to take away from him being a profound songwriter and having a vocal range that puts 99.9% of male pop radio stars to shame. But umm, look at his tatts. I'm just saying. We're not blind here.

Through Twitter, I just found out that Matt has landed in Nashville. And since his debut album on Justin Timberlake's Tennman Records is FINALLY done, I will refrain from running up on him in public and letting him have it for making us wait so long for another record. But hey, you can't rush greatness. In the meantime, check out a full length version of the cut Don't You Dare from his upcoming CD.

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