Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I just don't get it - Tia

I love VH1 soul. For the most part all they play is videos. They will throw in the occasional documentary but for the most part it's all R&B all the time. It's the happiest station on Comcast.

I pretty much let it run all day while I'm working. The up side of that is that I have great music on all of the time. The only down side is that I'll be mid-project and hear something that I love but don't recognize and have to run into the living room to find out who it is. This happened to me twice recently. And can I just say thank God for a DVR because I did a lot of rewinding.

Johnta Austin - The One That Got Away
I love Johnta Austin. He's been around for a while but not a lot of people know about him. For whatever reason his solo career is not going well. His solo album was supposed to drop in March. I can't find hide nor hair of it. So you can imagine how excited I was when the video for "The One That Got Away" came on. I figured that he was finally getting the props he deserves and his album was finally getting released. Yeah, not so much. The release date still shows March something. But good luck trying to finding a copy of Ocean Drive.

I have run this song about 20 times already. Oh and Mel B is once again my girl crush. She was my favy favorite when she was in the Spice Girls. And after watching this video she is once again my favorite. I mean, how do you have a kid in your 30s and then bounce back with a figure like that? Can I get her trainer?

Robin Thicke - I'm Not Loving You
Okay I didn't even know this Robin Thicke song existed. And we consider ourselves some Robin Thicke fans around here. I mean, from way back. So when I heard his voice this morning singing a song I didn't recognize I went tearing into the living room and almost ran into the couch. Apparently this was a B side. (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) It was released on the Wanna Love You Girl single. In my opinion this should have been a radio single. The live VH1 version is sick. But I'm just going to have to settle for the studio version. Amazon has the Wanna Love You Girl single for $2. I figure that's a small price to pay for good music even though I've already got about a million versions of WLYG.

It's probably because I don't work in the industry that I don't understand record labels. Why would they sit on amazing artists like Johnta Austin but ply us to the gills with wack-ass folks like Lil Wayne. Seriously, if I hear or see one more person singing that DAMN Lollipop song I'm going to go postal. Someone is catching an ass whooping. That's all I'm saying. But we get stuck with crap on the radio and never know that there are some great artists out there in every genre. Artists who toil in the studio and on the road and never see the success they deserve.

I'm working on a BGLU idea to get more artists out there to socially conscious readers such as yourselves. I won't go into detail just yet. But trust me you'll be the first to know. But for now, I need to get back to work. They don't pay me to blog.


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