Monday, June 2, 2008

Gotta love a Sugarboy - Tia

One of my friends who moved from Nashville to Atlanta dragged me to my first (and probably last) frat party. Granted it was a Christian frat, but a frat nonetheless. I now know why I went 30 years and never went to a frat party. It was pretty much what I expected: a bunch of pretty (and some not so pretty) boys playing drinking games. The only difference I could see between this frat and a non-Christian frat was the amount of profanities. One would expect there to be a lot of swearing at these type of functions. But I have to say there was very little. But I think everything else was the same. You have your obligatory drinking games. Your horrible music selections (because there was no DJ so anyone could play anything at random.) Of course there is the guy who wants to "make" you a drink. (It actually wasn't that bad of a drink. STRONG. But not bad. And before you go freaking out, the ONLY reason I let him make me the drink is because I stood right there and watched him make it. Plus he'd been drinking one earlier and it was a really pretty looking drink. I'm a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing beverage.) And because this was a Georgia Tech thing, there were only 2 black folks there; myself included. And the brotha that walked in was wearing a very...ummm...special vest. I swear I had the exact same one, print and all, in the early 90s. It was a sad moment.

Anyway, I immediately find the most mature people in the room. I.E. the guys who aren't playing Beer Bowling or doing any sort of Soldier Boy dance. They were both musicians...naturally. One of them was too pretty for his own good. He is, or course, the singer. (Random aside: Does anyone else LOVE the lead singer of Fall Out Boy's voice? I saw the video for Beat It and he is SANGIN' at the end of the song.) Both of them were exceptionally sweet. And if I were about a DECADE younger, they would be a problem.

As the night progressed the inevitable age question was asked. "How old are you?" said the cello guitarist. "42", I replied with a straight face. With a devilish almost serial killer-ish grin, pretty boy lead singer said, "Well since we'll be broke musicians when we graduate next year (I remember thinking at that point, "Good GOD hold old are these children?!?!") we'll probably need a sugarmama." I must applaud the youngster's gumption. I told both of them that I would be proud to have them as Sugarboys. But like Menudo, once you get too old you will be replaced. They agreed that was fair and promised to cut me in on all profits made from any musical endeavors as long as I agreed to let them practice in the basement.

I recommend that everyone have a Sugarboy or two. They're ever so much fun and sometimes quite useful. For instance, this afternoon guitar player Sugarboy sent me a link to a remix of Maroon 5's Wake Up Call feat Mary J. Blige. The track sounds very raw almost like it's not finished. But for the life of me I can't figure out what, if anything, is missing. And where as the remix of If I Never See Your Face Again basically just had the addition of Rihanna, this song has been almost completely redone. I like it because it's different. Although, I'm not sure if I like it more than the original. But pretty much anything with Mary is a good idea. If this is released as a single I will be anxious to see what the treatment for the video will be. The last video for WUC was not the business. It was too convoluted. There was too much going on and not enough stuff happening all at the same time. Was it a movie trailer? Was it a video? I didn't love it.

The remix is below until the label pulls it down. I'll have to thank my Sugarboy for the link.

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