Friday, May 30, 2008

Those Two Chicks on the Right...

Yup, that's Tia and me, Toya. We've been blogging forever now and whereas Tia early on as posted pics of herself, I have always been hesitant. That's Tia sporting You Should Know artist Josiah's glasses and that is me on the right during a photo shoot for Damien Horne's website.

I look forward to all the things that we are planning for BGLU but I must say for me that this is going to be a big step. Although we are pretty transparent on this blog, there are people that actually know me and see me often that know nothing about it. So to make it more official and public has me a little nervous. But it's worth it. We love to write, we love getting feedback from you guys and well, it's just been so much fun. We'll fill you in on what we got going on soon.

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