Friday, May 23, 2008

They are cutting back on everyone - Tia
Okay, when Toya was little she thought that the line in Ebony and Ivory that goes, "There is good and bad in everyone" was "They are cutting back on everyone." Basically in her mind what the song was saying is black or white, you have GOT to learn to get along because they are cutting back on all of y'all regardless of color. I can't tell you how much that warmed my heart when she told me that story.

The government is trying to cut back on every last one of us. Forgot what you heard. They are trying to kill us. I went to the gym last night and passed not one but TWO stations that were advertising LOW GRADE gas for...wait for it...$4.09. WTF????? Are they kidding?? There is no way that people can afford to pay that. I looked down and noticed that the gas gauge was precariously close to E. I drove on. My moral sensibilities REFUSED to let me pay that much for gas in GA...where gas has traditionally been cheaper.

But this morning there was no getting around it. I had to drive to a site across town and the little "Girl, stop playing and get gas" light was on. So I drove as far as I could until I knew that it was going to be a situation if I didn't stop. Yeah, pretty sure I paid $3.99/gallon. I'm PISSED. I put almost $50 in my tank and it's STILL NOT FULL. Where is the breakdown? Why is gas so high? I need answers.

Living in a city with sketchy public transportation (I KNOW y'all have seen the MARTA Soldier Girl video. People like her are why I don't mess with MARTA unless I have to.) and POORLY planned roads makes it almost impossible to go without a car. And there are parts of the city that are literally 40+ miles away. How are you still considered part of the same city if it takes you an hour to get from one side to the other? If I drive an hour out of Nashville, I'm in Kentucky.

I sat down and did my budget last night. And I didn't do what I normally do, which is underestimate. I went line by line through a month of bank statements and credit card bills. Let's just say I will be cutting WAY back. I will be getting rid of some of the cable stations I have. I will be seeing my trainer A LOT less. And I have changed my car insurance and saved $100. (Sidebar: I would highly recommend taking at look at your car insurance. I had WAAAAAYYYYY too much coverage. Now I have more than the state minimum but not so much that I would literally have to hit a busload of people to max out the payout amounts.)

I'm thinking about moving back to Nashville and buying a place when my lease is up. I'll write about that later. (And before you ask NO NO NO it does not have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with NG. I mean, who moves for a crush...?) But in order to get the best possible interest rate on that kick-ass condo in the Gulch, I need to have less debt and more money. And that means I will have to cut back. Fewer trips to H&M. Less money spent on the bourgeois cheese and such that I like to buy. Higher payments to Sallie Mae and the credit union for my car. Basically, I've got to play smart at the money game. And if I stick to the budget I have A LOT of money left over. Okay not a lot but more than I'm used to. And money left over means less debt and more fun.

But in case you were wondering, I'm still going on the Mayercraft. Ain't too much that could keep me from John.

And I don't remember who said it but you're dead wrong for suggesting we push Jen off the boat. I like Rachel Greene. She can come.

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