Monday, May 19, 2008

Infatuation - Tia
Infatuation is the name of a song off of Maroon 5's UK release of It Won't Be Soon Before Long. I usually leave the song titles to Toya. (For those of you who are new, 99% of the time Toya titles her posts with songs titles.) But there is really no other word that I can think of for how I feel right now.

I have met the male version of me. Seriously, it's ridiculous. He is a tall white version of me. And frankly I am smitten.

It all started with dinner. Toya had a "party like a rock star" itinerary planned for the days that I would be in town beginning with dinner at some new guy friends' house. I totally was not prepared for what happened. I figured it would be pizza and beer and that's it. These guys went all out. They COOKED. And not only did they cook but they served it on the patio. I was more than impressed.

As the night transpired we were literally in HYSTERICS. I have not laughed that hard all year. There were so many times during the night that I thought my spleen was going to explode from laughter. And I won't even go into the part about the fire truck. (A party ain't a party until a civil servant shows up.)

Anyway, the longer we all talked the more I began to realize that New Guy (or NG for short) and I have a lot in common. And I mean A LOT. As we were sitting across from Toya and NG's roommate laughing at something that they probably couldn't care less about I realized that NG and his roommate are the male version of Toya and I. It's not just random similarities...THEY ARE US. NG is so me it's ridiculous. So I don't know why I was surprised when he brought out a jacket for Toya and I realized that it was the same jacket that I have. (So what I wear boy's clothes sometimes...) And when I walked in the kitchen and saw the same cooks books on top of his fridge (the same place I keep mine) that I have, I shouldn't have been shocked. (I should mention that though we have the same cookbooks neither of us use them. We both just bought them because they were cheap and pretty.) And it makes all the sense in the world that his favorite store is IKEA because IKEA is the happiest place on earth for me. And OF COURSE he loves London to the point that he has London coffee table books. Yeah, I have several of those. His favorite alcoholic beverage of choice: Long Island Iced Tea. I can tell you ALL of the best places in Atlanta to get a killer LIIT. I literally could sit here and run down a laundry list of things that we have in common. It's scary really. At the end of the night I was ready to move in and make it official.

Fast forward a few nights and NG texted Toya to find out where we were. As it turned out we were out and about doing it big in Nashville so NG decided to join us. Upon the mention of his name I got butterflies...BUTTERFLIES. I haven't had butterflies in...maybe ever. NG showed up looking fly as hell. I had to keep talking to another friend of mine to keep from staring at NG. As the night wore down I realized that I was going to have to go back home the next day to my friendless, ridiculously busy existence in Atlanta and I didn't want to go. So I told Toya that I wanted to keep the party going. The 3 of us ended up at some rooftop establishment and we had a blast. The whole night made me realize how much I missed my friends in Nashville. But that's a whole other post.

By the end of the night I was over the freakin' moon for NG. It is ridiculous how much I like this guy. The hair, the tattoo, the laugh, the swagger, the man. I'm actually a bit confused and scared about my feelings for this guy. I'm not trying to be weird or anything, but it's been a really long time since I've felt anything more than passing feelings of fancy for a guy. Usually with the guys that I have crushes on I can't see past the moment. But this guy, this guy is different. After 4 days, FOUR FREAKIN' DAYS, I can't get him out of my head. He loves to travel like I love to travel, so I'm having day dreams of us in Spain, London, Germany. The things I'm thinking about NG have the potential to go beyond the moment. But as it stands, I have no idea how he feels. In his mind I could be the goofy girl who commits party fouls early. (No comment.)

And I must say that it feels a bit narcissistic having such an infatuation with someone who is so much like me. I basically have a crush on myself. I know people say opposites attract, but the few times I've dated someone who is my polar opposite it's been disastrous. I think NG and I have enough in common to where we would definitely get along just fine. But there are enough differences between us that we wouldn't get bored being together.

I'm pretty much at a loss with what I'm supposed to do and/or feel at this moment. I don't like it. I always feel the need to have a plan. But with this guy, I have no plan. I have no agenda. I just really like him and want to get to know him better. BLAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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