Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Voted for David Archuletta- Toya

You read right. I voted for David "Blinky Bear" Archuletta. Why? Because the music snob in me will always trump my love for rocker boys.

David A. came to win and he deserves to win. David Cook, although good, did not bring it. So when he said "This show is about progression", I had pretty much counted him out. American Idol is, yes, about progression. However, the final two show is about WINNING! David Cook shot himself in the foot when he picked that Collective Soul song over "Billie Jean" or finally a full version of "Hello".

On the other hand, David Archuletta has consistently made wise song choices (See Neil Diamond night when he picked two of the biggest karaoke hits of all time). Archuletta (or his father) knows what works. The reason why David Archuletta will be the American Idol is not just because of his wide tween base but because no matter how sugary he is, he draws emotion. Yes, David Cook can also draw emotion out of me but umm, that's different.

I do look forward to David Cook's album however and with him coming in second place, it may not be as rushed. I think he may be too much of an individual for the powers that be to handle but I think he will crank out a decent record. With David Archuletta coming in first, I think we may be looking at a younger, more TRL friendly Josh Grobin. We'll see who wins tomorrow.

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