Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sing Children!!!!!- Toya

If you haven't seen it already, the American Idol kids ended Idol Gives Back with Shout to the Lord last night. I was in complete shock for at least 2 minutes after it went off.
This is NOT curing how I feel about David Cook by the way. Let me get this straight, you want to be hot AND shout to the Lord on national television? David Cook sang that like he loves Jesus. I too love Jesus. And as the bible says, how can two walk together unless they agree? My problem is that if I run up on him on the street, he may be walking with me in a headlock. Jesus be a restraining order.

I have read a couple of comments from people regarding this on some other sites and I cannot believe that some people are really stuck on the fact that they replaced the lyrics “my Jesus” with “my shepherd”. Last time I check, the only one I know that has been referred to as savior, shepherd, king and Lord was Jesus. Pretty sure no one could confuse who they were singing about with Ralph the head of lettuce that Rerun was worshipping during that one episode of What’s Happening. Whew, talk about showing your age…

Anyway, I loved it. Now there are some people that didn’t but you know what? As many times as I have heard people say “if you don’t like it turn it off”…please. The same first amendment right that allows lesbian twins to make out on Jerry Springer in the middle of the afternoon is the same first amendment right that allows people to sing Shout to the Lord during prime time television. Don’t get me started…

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