Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...The Right Stuff - Tia

So there are pictures popping up all over the interweb of a more seasoned looking NKOTB. I am so giddy I don't know what to do. There have been rumblings of a reunion for months now but I didn't dare get my hopes up. But with the new website, the photos and the pending announcement, I'm having to restrain myself from doing cartwheels in my hotel. (The fact that it's been about 4 years since I've done a cartwheel and the last time I did one I pulled a hamstring is of little consequence here.)

I must say that the boys look really go to be in their late 30's (and 40's?) But then again, I know from experience that photoshop is the devil. I've got a pic that people always compliment me on. It has been photoshopped to high heaven. I almost feel bad saying thank you when someone says that they like it.

I will be parked in front of the t.v. set on Friday and AS SOON as tickets go on sale I will be purchasing. If there is a fan club that I can join that will guarantee me closer seats I will join. Money is no object. Trainwreck or otherwise this is the concert event of the year. It is going to be delicious.

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