Friday, April 25, 2008

Miss Mimi and her hijinks - Tia

Okay first off Mariah is freakin BANGING. She looks GREAT to be almost 40. Man, I wish it was my job to look good because then I too would have the bangingest..well everything, as she does.

That said, so far Ms. Mariah is at strike 2 on the singles with me. That Touch My Body song is cute enough, I guess. But I'm not loving it. It's real Senior Skip day to me. It seems like the kind of song that you would listen to as you rode around with your friends while you ditched school. Maybe I'm out of the demographic or something.

And now she's released Bye Bye. Yet again it gets the big, MEH, from me. It's one of those see you at the crossroads one sweet day on the gangsta lean type songs. Yeah, I don't love it.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much from Mariah. I played her Emancipation album TO DEATH. It stayed in my cd player for about ever. But the singles I've heard off of this new album have not moved me in the least. Clearly I'm in the minority though. The album debuted at number one and sold like 400,000 copies. (Not to mention the fact that it's number one on 6 of Billboard's album charts.) I've heard that the album is a grower, after a couple of listens it really starts to grow on you. So I'm going to give it a listen this weekend and see if there's more than what I've heard thus far.

In other Mariah news, I need someone to clear something up for me. Why does Mariah uses a background track? She has some of the most powerful vocals in the world and she has amazing background vocalists. So I don't understand why she needs a background track. I'm not trying to pick, I just don't sing, so I need someone to explain. You can clearly hear her background track start before she starts singing. Why is that? It's not like she needs it. Rusty?

Oh, but I do love how she totally checks one of her background singers around the 3 minute mark for singing her part. I don't know who that background vocalist thought she was but I do know she's probably looking for a new gig as I type this.

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