Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes, David. It IS you that I have been looking for. And frankly, I am pissed that you took so long to get here.

I think the compliment that Tia and I get the most regarding this blog is that we are so honest about how we feel about things. With that being said, I will ask for those that are very religious, timid, or more coothed to cease and desist in reading this particular post. To the rest of us, I pose this question:
Did anyone else's boy shorts/briefs/thongs catch on fire when this fool screamed "I love you" in this song????!!!!! I have no problem with you screaming in my face if this is what and how are you are screaming. And let me just add that Tia and I are in our 30's which is supposed to be the start of your sexual peak. Since we have a liking for boys with guitars that scream, this did not help us not one bit AT ALL. Jesus be a cold shower.

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