Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random Fashion Blog of the Moment - Tia

Once again I'm being slowly tortured in a meeting that could have been summed up by a few pages of meeting minutes. BLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHH

So I saw this purse that I loved the minute I set eyes on it. I've truly grown to love accessories. Why? Because I've learned that accessories can turn even the most boring outfit into FIYAH. But as I mentioned in my last random fashion blog, I was trying to not buy the purse on a whim. I'm trying to do better about saving. Apparently they're predicting some sort of recession or something. And just in case they get it right this time, I'd like to make sure that I have money in the bank. Anyway, I saw a matching belt that would compliment the purse and the belt made me want the bag all the more. But no matter where I looked the purse could no longer be found. I went online to try to find it and much to my chagrin the purse wasn't even LISTED on the site anymore. I mean, I was bummed. I had the whole outfit put together in my head. And it was sooo cute and girlie and Spring-ish.

On a whim today I decided to stop by the store just to see if they would be getting anymore in. I was told by the ever so sweet accessories manager that not only were they not getting anymore in, but that the item had been discontinued. BOOOOOO! But being that he was so nice (and that the store was crickets and tumbleweeds empty), he offered to check the stock at other stores just to be safe.

I'm so glad that he did. There was literally ONE purse left in the metro Atlanta area (and that includes Marrow County, wherever that is.) Thankfully, the purse wasn't that far from where I already was. So I promptly hoped in the car and sped down highway 400 to obtain my very much coveted bag.

As a former happy hater, I've learned that there are all kinds of things that can make you happy. Shoes, purses, cookies from the Italian joint around the corner, cute boys who hold the door for you, most things pink. Basically, I've had to choose to find joy. And sometimes it's not easy. But sometimes the little things, like a bright yellow (I'm talking Big Bird yellow) purse can bring a huge smile to my face..Oh crap...they're asking me about one of my sites....


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