Saturday, March 1, 2008

Music - Tia

Leona Lewis...Again
This broad is everywhere that I turn. Her video was number 7 on the VH1 countdown and frankly I was floored. While I am not yet convinced of her superstardom, I will say that she's not a bad singer. And she may just come in at the right time to be huge. Or she may get lost in the shuffle. With new albums from Janet and Mariah coming out, little Miss Leona may just get lost in the crowd. However, if her team of folks plays it correctly, she could ride the crest of the wave that the big girls leave behind.

I stumbled across this video on another blog. I like the song. The video broke my heart though. It made me realize that there are things that are more important in this world than some of the petty stuff that I concern myself with.

Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie
This guy I used to be cool with sent me this track last year. I loved it immediately. But I was always wondered why it was never really getting any real airplay here. Especially considering the buzz that Mark Ronson was getting. I read that they're releasing (re-releasing?) the single here in the states. I'm assuming it's so it can ride the momentum of Amy's near sweep of the Grammys and Mark's win for producer of the year. Hopefully it will get a little more notice.

(This has nothing to do with nothing. But I just watched XXX with Vin Diesel. I love him. And I just stated flipping through the stations and another Vin Diesel movie is on. Take your shirt off...I mean, back to the original content.)

Duffy - Mercy
I first want to give a shout out of thanks to Leila for the heads up on this song. I LOVE this song. I really do. I guess the UK music industry is going through some sort of retro throwback movement and I'm not mad at it. There's something to be said for artists who can genuinely pay homage to the music of the past while putting a current spin on it.

And is it me or does it seem a bit ironic that the newest freshest things in the music world are based on the stuff that our parents and grandparents listened to?

Nikki Jean
There aren't too many people that can get away with covering a Sting song. But Nikki Jean's version of Sting's Be Still My Beating Heart is not to be hated on. I really like this chicks vibe. I stumbled across her looking for some stuff about Lupe Fiasco. Thus far I think my favorite song is 8 Blocks. If she does a show near me, I'm going to make a point to try to see her.

And since I brought him up...

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
I was flipping through the stations the other day and saw this video on BET of all places. It was #7 or so on the countdown. I assumed the target age demographic for a BET countdown is 12-17. So I guess maybe there is some hope for the children after all. And who is Matthew Santos (the guy singing the chorus)?

Who is calling my house at 1 in the morning...? Wait, why am I even up at 1 when I have to be at church in the morning?

Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me?
I heard this song on what I consider one of the best RnB stations ever the last time I was in Dallas. The problem I have with a lot of stations that label themselves as RnB is that they either play too much old stuff or that play too many songs that are only casually disguised as RnB. I don't really need a hip-hop collabo in every RnB song. I think that's why I like this song so much. It's Anthony Hamilton doing what he does best. SANGIN' not singing. SANGIN'. Plus the song just sounds so classic.

I have a couple of other songs but a boy I have crush on just IM'ed me. I'm such a chick sometimes.


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