Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I guess I'll have to wait and see - Tia

I was (and still am) an Nsync fan. While I liked some of Backstreet Boy's songs, most of their stuff just sounded too much alike for me. They're saving graces were the fact that Kevin Richardson was FINE!!! and the fact that AJ McLean could SANG. AJ was so "old black man" with his. I have an mp3 of him singing Brickhouse and it is so ignorant. His voice is amazing.

So while surfing the interweb this morning I stumbled across a story that said that AJ has a solo project coming out later this year. No more of that random alter-ego stuff like last time (I really am still trying to forgive him for that Johnny No Name debacle.) Apparently he's just going to be himself and sing. But as excited as I want to get about this, I'm holding back for the moment for two reasons. 1. I've heard some snippets from the forthcoming project and they sound real...pop-ish. Not that I have a problem with a white guy singing pop, old black man voice or not. But in my opinion he's got a big enough voice that he doesn't have to stick with that bubblegum sound that his BSB fans are accustomed to. Reason #2, JC. JC Chasez can sing the hell out of some riffs. HE CAN SANG. Where is he? Hosting a dance competition on MTV. I shudder to think what might happen if AJ goes down the same path as JC did with his first record. (Which while I'm thinking about it I need to pull out. JC's first solo project wasn't that bad. It just takes a while to grow on you. Like 5 years. In the music world that is a death sentence.) So I'm hoping that AJ fairs better than JC did his first time out. And if not maybe JC and AJ could hook up and form some sort of super duo. They could be the white KC and Jojo. Can you imagine? It would be white boy riffs and hollering for days.

If you're interested, you can hear pseudo-snippets at AJ's website. And I'm sure there is a myspace page forthcoming.

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