Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eleanor Rigby - Tia

It is no secret that we love David Cook around these parts. It was over for me once he screamed, "I love youuuu!!!" in his microphone. I must admit that I don't think good things about David. He's the kind of boy that I steer clear of in an attempt to hang on (even if it's only by my fingernails) to my chastity.

He's so yummy. And the other night when he was singing Eleanor Rigby, I thought I was going to lose my mind when he hit the chorus. And we won't even talk about the money note at the end. In case you missed it:

A few days after the performance I heard rumblings that someone was not happy with David. It seems that a bad that few of us have heard of were not happy that David didn't give them credit for the arrangement of Eleanor Rigby. A local band out of Seattle(?) called Doxology apparently felt like David performed their song and, by not giving them a shout out, tried to pass it off as their own.

Here's a snippet of their version:

The full version is on their myspace.

Now Toya was HEATED when I told her about Doxology. She felt like they were being punks and were just trying to drum up interest in their band. She flatly refused to even give them any more thought and wouldn't even consider listening to their version of the song. "That's what they want" she said. Well it worked on me. I promptly googled them and went to their myspace page. I listened to the song in question and could DEFINITELY hear the similarities. I then listened to some of the other songs that they had on their page. And I gotta admit, I liked them.

I do think that they went about it the wrong way. I think if they'd been more positive with the whole situation and basically given David his props, people would have been more interested in seeing who this gracious band was and what their version of the song sounded like. But as it stands I think they may have alienated the true music fans...snobs(coughToyacough) and a lot people who would have loved them will never take the time to listen to them.

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